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In any of the New York marathon actually it is going to those people over in Staten Island early including your girlfriend and they're gonna although they say Natalie that runner runners like to run they would much rather run in crisp weather that items can be very everybody but my husband told accent with your husband that I love to run in the heat Wes everything out that's what he says I think there well anyone who's running twenty six miles music slightly insane his works in America about five times while Hey Lisa leases filling in for Joan I hear you say you ran a marathon I did I write about five years ago and I remember it was windy and it was thirty degrees and as a result art which has a bill right could barely get across the Verrazano itching aside wait was not my daughter ran several years actually thought she said the highlight was running up fifth of First Avenue with the crowds was the what was the highlight for you yeah I think when you come off the bridge you can ask what my husband says he too like silence as you're going under because there's nobody in all you hear is feet and then you walk out to and you hear the crowd like we're in a crowd yeah yeah everybody said that yeah such an experience what was your time of gosh for for I want to do it in under four hours so that's what I did yeah three right three hours fifty nine yeah yeah did you lose a few pounds run in the race get training during training training because you just running all the time but you're eating more to it which is yeah so one it's about this carbo loading you know they they with the business with all the pasta than the people really do that I did Egypt yeah at night at the dinner before that was all helpful for you I'm probably not burn so much you need all that extra actually the big meal for my husband was the mail after yeah because you're so depleted of everything that you write he has to offer you sure that he eats Chinese food because it is just filled with salt and you you're literally dripping salt off of your body it's pretty when I had when I cover the marathon what I found fascinating was the percentage of people to finish the race you know you think it's over twenty six miles you have significant drop outs right it's like ninety eight percent this actually finish really because everybody who decides to run it is training I mean they're not saying I think I could run twenty six miles right into it and unfortunately the people who don't are beginning to choosing injuries a lot of people cramp up yeah and then you just can't get back out yeah so and you have to finish it yeah you know now you got to get the metal I mean I've seen people who look like they're in this state or just the end I know and they will just push themselves asking about runners on how your your husband one night when I pass I pass joggers all the time never they smiling they always look so and so they were happy tell your look happy they will tell you it's the happiest part of their day yeah no it is one of they look happy happy running around seventy miles a day usually I'm Mary miles a day a day just to get out of the way from you yeah the lines you know what he didn't run before you met me I have a this file story let's not let's see no I don't know if it's not funny come on all right well you say a friend of mine his his sister yeah I was dating this guy and the guy asked the for some advice and he said the I'll buy a pair of sneakers they just run away as fast as you can all get away from her that was the advice about a sister yeah well just have people heartwarming story let us fail yeah anyway I run by only run like four five miles a day yeah I mean I have the sense that I never could I used to run into two miles and it was just the such an effort to get over to for me I you I can't see you running at all yeah I would I don't smile breaking up a sweat for anything two miles a day in Boston and I would I try to go to three and I just couldn't get there really yeah I don't know what they said the long you go the easier it is or was it for me has the walking working out for you great it's a great loss weight you know it's just it's just good to get the heart pumping and I do listen to the podcast our show real here get your heart pumping listening does Michael Celera's that I listen to us on the bike Hey are we are we gonna talk about moving to Florida because normally when a New Yorker or or someone from New Jersey was the Florida it's because they've done something Rog and they got the homestead laws down there we could never lose your house right right normally when you hear someone leaving New York for Florida they have something wrong so it fits tighter means if it's right in with Donald Trump please here's this tweak your nearest we yeah sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue the White House the place I've come to love it will stay for hopefully another five years as we make America great again but my family and I will be making Palm Beach Florida our permanent residence I cherish New York and the people of New York but unfortunately despite the fact that pay millions of dollars in city state and local taxes are right let's see the tax returns I'll come I'll actually is tax let's see that he's been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state goes on and on and on that's why he's moved out you know what and I thought this before I don't think I ever verbalize light so to be difficult for him to come back and just be a regular New Yorker having been the you know president and then all the division that's been cooked up over the last three years I would be very difficult for him to come back here and live here is a so called normal process people would probably taunting and teasing and restaurants the way those crazy Democrats to the Republicans down to Washington I don't like that no I I actually don't like that okay that's awful but so you can't seriously line you can't blame people and the studies are showing over and over again people are leaving this part of the country because the taxes are so high but he did make a worse with the sole taxes only a deductible of ten thousand dollars he did help to contribute to make a worse minor minor grand scheme of I really want to look at my check book it was a minor at all last year cost me a bundle I'm sure cost you and anyone else who well paced than we've been living up here for a long time and there comes a certain point where you retired you think I can't stay up here anymore because when I take the money out of my retirement funds attacks at such a high level up here it is that's the thing about retirement funds to that because you think the whole premise of retirement fund is by the time you get there having a lower tax bracket right does no you're not no you're not doesn't work that way you can't blame a monologue as nice place I've been there it is nice but so he's going to go full time Florida resin and you gonna miss him well I doubt I will tell you that back in the day was always I always like running into my was that it was a fun guy so why'd you change what you term well he became president is that if I did I thought just because it is I just thought you know you might even a fun guy any might a host of the great the game show I think those are the qualifications necessary to be the leader of the free world he corrected his now is we would you're wrong well you want your Nancy Pelosi shows us that is our our teeth in place this is a sad thing for a country with dago shoes I call their last welcome to the impeachment agree vote I know she doesn't drink but she sounds a bomb to me every time she opens her mouth well we come back Michael yeah we've got tickets for you to see the eagles not you would for a lot of listeners we've also got the lion lady waiting her yeah and Michael has on earth the werewolf lady a lady here this better with your W. O. R. traffic.

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