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You re see Memphis, ninety two point one. FM ETR HD to Memphis, an iheartradio station. There's a lot of storm cleanup to do across Missouri. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News sedan is just devastating up here. You know. And we're days to come to get all this. Governor Mike parson one tornado hit the golden city area, killing three people. One found in a mobile home. That was destroyed a couple in their eighties were also found dead their bodies thrown two hundred yards from their damaged house. Another twister hit just before midnight doing a lot of damage to Missouri's capital city, considering all this destruction. It is hard to believe almost miraculous that there are no deaths to report at this hour. Right off highway fifty four in Jefferson City, which authorities say one of the hardest areas of this town. If you look around this apartment complex, you can see the destruction cars main Gould homes crushed tree snapped like toothpicks. Fox's mad fin. John Walker Lindh the American captured enough ghanistan ever nine eleven is a free man released this morning, after serving seventeen of his twenty years since Republican Senator Richard Shelby, isn't Abby. Most of the people who get out. We'll be back into something like that. I don't know what the rate of recidivism is. But his Linda pleaded guilty to two charges, including helping the Taliban, he was not charged in the death of CIA officer who interrogated him in Afghanistan, right before a prisoner uprising the killed. Mike Spann just got up the phone with Johnny Spann. He is the father of Mike Spann. He said, twenty cents twenty years for a sentence was never enough. And now John Walker Lindh didn't do the full twenty years the system he says was supposed to change. John Walker Lindh but noting a number of lawsuits that Lynn was successful with throughout this process. He says the system change Lynn Lynn change the system, making the prison system more agreeable to radical Islamic. Fox's Mike Tobin outside the prison and Tara, Indiana. China's telling the US for trade talks to continue. Washington needs to correct. It's wrong actions. On wall way, the tech from US blocking national, concert security concerns. On Wall Street, a big sell off the Dow's down nearly four hundred points. This is Fox News. At bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans to make health care, work better from pinpointing, hotspots childhood, asthma, and taking action to keep kids in school to matching patients with the primary care doctors. They need we.

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