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Same locker room with him aren't the same you know about you know when you're when you have a rival that's ten states away from you or and it's in a different league the national league of the american league you don't have to think about this rival that's you know the home running the homerun derby they went through last year the why would aaron giancarlo stanton their teammates well what i'm saying is i i'm i'm saying that it's it's now competition you know he beat judge last year so now he's pushed he's pressing himself at the plate too much yeah well i'm talking about to you know he he won the home run homerun derby why john carlos stanton on it i don't think he looks it i don't think he looks at aaron judge is a rifle he's a teammate of his now i understand that but you know he he won the national league mvp last year he hit the most home runs last year and now he's sitting on a team with someone that could potentially beat him in home runs so i think he's pressing too much and maybe he is pressing because he sees the guy that he wants to be like right now which is teammate aaron judge but i don't think it's a it's a mono mono type of thing like judge at home run i think i think he's a streaky hitter i think he's a flawed hitter and i think he's said strike out two hundred times a matter how good we think is now as long as he it's his home runs it gets a little bit of a streak ever will get over it but he is a flawed player we're not looking at mike trout we're not watching bryce harper those guys are better players than john carlos stanton he does have the.

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