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Chipper Jones, Trevor Hoffman, Jim Thome discussed on The Sports Reporters


Alcohol is these progressing nicely as well i will as it did joke it's a natural way to begin the pike yesterday the hall of fame volchek was announced this week on chipper jones gets in blood guerrero gets in a trevor hoffman gets in and jim thome it in and and what but as usual the headliners in this thing continue to be guys who don't get in barry bonds and and and roger clemens who had been moving up who have been moving up they have four more years left on the ballot there was no progress this year and and and mitch and hake i i don't i now think they're not gonna make it while they're still on the ballot will they have four four more cracks at it because that was a sixyear so they got four more cracks at it and you know you're right last year everybody's sort of said well you see it's just a it's just a matter of time it's a softening time goes on i i didn't believe it then and i i'm confirmed in not believing it now i think people just take a position on this they get into their position and they're not moving and it may very well be that about fifty six percent of the people who vote think that you should overlook the steroid mark that hangs over it and and and 44 percent think no i'm not going to do that and while that's more than half you need you need 75 percent and to get three out of four of the voters to excuse this i dunno i unless there's something that happens in baseball that makes this look like good by comparison look some she massive massive scandal in baseball brock mirus scandal in baseball that aero says you know at steroids weren't that bad i don't know that this is going to change over four years were you thinking.

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Chipper Jones, Trevor Hoffman, Jim Thome discussed on The Sports Reporters

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