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Of of what happened here. Yeah absolutely and i will tell you that the n. Actually thought they were trying to make him make for sam to make the decision for them I surprised on one hand But not because they did eventually do what i thought they would do. but You know they knew they had to do something with that salary. Cap hit but wanting Feeling that they were in position to move on from him With all the changes they were make gang or thought they were going to have to make a turns out some of those they didn't I'm certainly not surprised that he's back. I expected that all along. But i have to admit that i was a little surprised that there was some hesitation. I always thought it would be. Ben would go out on ben's terms and nobody else is in for a while. It looked like it looked like it wasn't going to be on his terms. What did you make their off-season in pittsburgh. Well the funny thing is is. They fought a lot of the changes. Were going to be on offense and not on defense. They thought you know maybe ben was going to be gone. They knew they were going to move on from james conner. They thought you to sniff Shuster would be gone. They knew markey's pouncey was going to retire. And of course that happened and did move on from james connor but the funny thing is is a lot of their changes. Dan ended up being on defense. They lost three starters They kind of anticipated that might happen with duprey. And maybe even Mike hilton but now you throw in retirement. Yesterday of vince williams. You know a guy that they had released after season decided to bring back just to kind of plug that hole for one more year and then he retires on them. So i think their offense Yeah there's a lot of changes. They weren't counting on david decastro moving on from him. That was injury related So the changes on the offensive line. They kinda somewhat knew that was going to happen. But they didn't plan on castro so some of those changes they counted on sunday. Didn't i think they're better offensively. I think there are a little a little less Ferocious on defense. Let me get a quick hit on the other teams in the division. Let's start with the bengals. What do you expect well. Until they show that they can move up to be a five hundred ballclub. I'll wait and see it's kind of like the browns two years ago. The browns at the show me they could do it again and they did But i i mean. I like joe borough. I think he's going to be fantastic quarterback. I hated to see the injury last year. Hate to see that happen to any kind of promising young star. I think they'll be better. But i mean i think. The browns are legit and ravens. The ravens the ravens are very much like steelers. Even when you don't think they're going to be very good they're good that's just that's a salute our organization. But there's no reason to think look. I'm not going to sit here and pronounce. The steelers are going to super bowl. But as i tell everybody. Dan i mean who would have thought they'd start eleven and last year who thought they'd go twelve and four and win the division. I can tell you not too. Many people certainly around here and my feeling has always been as long as you have number seven you not out of any game and you're not out of its jerry great to talk to you and hopefully we'll catch up with you during the season we appreciate your time ya dan anytime a good to chat with you business. Roundtable stands with the millions of americans across the nation calling for policing reform. We urge members of congress to continue working together to pass. Bipartisan policing legislation. That can be signed into law before. August recess paid for by business roundtable looking for a way to make online learning a better option for your family when it comes to virtual learning experience batters tuition-free k. Twelve powered schools are ready to put over twenty years of experience to work for you giving your child the personalized learning. They deserve without disruptions with a k. Twelve powered school students gain the skills. They need to be prepared for their next steps in life building a better future for each one of us. K twelve education for any one learn more at k twelve dot com..

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