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The tony kornheiser show is on. God knows it's not like me to complain. It's not what i do right. I don't michael. I i'm not a complaint is your weekend. Yeah it is. The weather here is so miserable. It the last five six eight weekends whatever. It is the weekends in january and february so miserable not snow thankfully but rain so that there is no lawn finn and the guys from pineapple landscaping have to come resod everything and it's not just the dog it's just everywhere you step. It's a sponge and you sink down into your own yard and then the mud comes up and if you do have a dog. The dog churns up the mud. It's actually disgusting. And i look forward michael. We think there might be a like about a four or five day stretch where there would not be rain. Might try things. I think there's gonna be. Some rain may be in a week or so. But i think you're now through the weather you've been describing march is supposed to be well over average. It'll dry out. But i show up today and chessy looks chic been rolling in mud tobacco discussed. And you don't really attempt to dry her washer off now. She sitting on the beautiful sofa behind me. Well you know it used to be beautiful narrow mud floors. They say in the odd couple. Now it's garbage. I got a got a really nice email. It's news you can use from robert bolster a little while ago about a week ago and it gave the two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty one eastern united states seasonal snowfall totals as of five pm february twenty first. That's a week ago. Five pm february twenty. First you know what city in america had the most snow binghamton new york binghamton had ninety point four inches at that point. How much work that. One snowstorm that that was awarded in the roof. That was forty. Okay they normally get fifty nine point six inches so they're way over. Caribou maine was second worcester. mass was third. Buffalo was fourth buffalo and rochester and syracuse buffalo and rochester gets seventy five inches a year. Syracuse gets ninety six inches. A year of snow gets more snow than anywhere every single year and they were thirty inches behind binghamton binghamton number one with a bullet share that with people share something else as well. Our friend pat forty now with sports illustrated his daughter. Brooke the swimmer at stanford. Nigel told me that she was named the pac.

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