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Three minutes for not circle back is someone who had all of this exam stuff last Wednesday how do you do or you did everything but my triglycerides and why you know there's a little bad well the doctors to make sure that you you you you work out thirty minutes a day limit your carbs and watch how much you drink I said Dr you can you can shut up about number three I'll take on number one and two get back so why were there to help you water drink a lot of water yeah but why were they giving you the other exam for blood in your urine for fun I just for fun she in all types of down here I'd rather have that if you're going to hasten the you know put all the bars of soap in a in a billing me with as opposed to that and they should to die India I mean if it burns manner no no no no no no they should in your Andrea wherever they need to shoot it to get it to the kidneys yeah yeah that's yeah yeah yeah I know can I go back to what mark said mark yeah how many damn times can we Sean Payton how many different ways they got screwed yeah I know we were there is nothing and all you have to say is we work we are what do you remember about your yeah that's it that's all you need to ask and then in something you shine you know how these interviews one of the first times when I will got hammered because let us out we went downtown the mothers we all got hammered the be Jesus we're seeing it on the way in in our head coach boulders looking out of al mold with name he's looking at us with his hands in the air just like one of what I do they ran us like dogs the next our drill thousand yard drill yeah well I got it I got a question for you if you have Joe Montana and will you follow up again asking the trade center not it not if he's not gonna Cotto's he's good like doing almonds I'll be like Joe what do you what do you do with all that you know he's moving out agents prunes Hey Joe what's going on are you the shocked what comes out of your mouth if you what yet yet you walk into the hotel at four AM in Europe you know seven I the last time I was in Miami when the bears were down there I watch the sun come up yeah sun was coming up and with the Mike and Mike we're going to their seventh time yeah yeah when they were coming in a guy was coming in as with the racial and rob from the registry Crown Point we're done some shows with people I was with them after we had left for Miami time and world that now if I'm not asleep by eleven o'clock eastern time I'm gonna get this then maybe now down check it we're in front of the she got it is it Versace mansion right there on on South Beach good times open water some of the evergreens that particular night yeah it's probably spot to watch by the authorities saw you you were probably fortunate that you trust me trust me the weaponry I was usually would not be picked up on the these no he there was now a paid I think Tom Thursday night so yeah I mean you don't diss he has some your ham differentiate ourselves yeah you know yeah you know you guys need any help with one of my people down there just you know you feel free to drop your call names they might hello you are so we're going to say to paint we're gonna say Sean tells the truth when when pace laughed your dress got better or you you know they elected let's we're we're all friends here what do you drive stores store couldn't wait to get rid of them he's he's really he's always spoken highly publicly yeah because he got him out of the draft room ideas yeah got an interesting you know something something going on down there because of drew Brees which I think he'll come back if he doesn't come back it sounds like they're they're interested in teh some help yeah I don't know what do we find out he's he's strong what thirteen third career has the story yeah I mean I you know and I get the because of the mission and all that stuff like I get it but I mean maybe maybe tires and they signed teddy Bridgewater all I think that could you know he's that you think he's going to retire it is but I'm saying it's more than just like really like it his kids young kids you can't go out the last three years we have one last try yeah but if you give it one last try and it goes the same way that it's forerunners of what does it stop but it's different when you're Philip rivers and your team stinks already I know what I mean he had a sense of yeah so I mean I'd give it another it has to do with how much pain he's in yeah how much pain is in he has made the arrest like Raffles burger rob spurs champing at the bit well I can also remember that did spend some time out when he had the thumb surgery so under my thumb yeah and has that some feel don't know but I'm ready to football I'll let you know what I'm trying to get a firm handshake with him while we're done through you guys.

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