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Oh guy to have a triple a for sure the curve ball guide him looking what a pitch from a spin oh these slow almost ethos like pitch curveball catches rut because looking nothing he could do about that rigas we'll head back to the first base dugout he was just hoping it would not hit the strike zone but it did according to played empire paul clements two down in the inning second strike out for a spin up and the hitter is peter mooney left handed batting shortstop with cadwalader gets second base and no score here in the second inning the pitch curb all is in for a strike mooney last night one for three sitting three hundred with five runs batted and he's missed significant time this year with he finger injury the pitch low snap throw to second base is high in the mid of arsia keeps it in front of him or at least close to on the ball rolls halfway between first and second retreat by rcn bank into second base wall lake with account now one one to mooney speech a on the road more than two runs less than it is at home two point three one on the road small sample size one one pitch is outside bowl too his era out of the bullpen is one point four two compared to four four one as a starting pitcher.

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