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Listening to this morning. The kickoff hour, not how are you? Being with us. Twenty three minutes past the hour at six six is our number. Apply. Some of this stuff. Just above a game. I'm gonna tell you. Yesterday. He was fired up gathered in the kitchen Ray in between the kickoff hour and the big show. Yeah. Just because of the interview. Yeah. Anyway, we're here. It is Friday, and we thank you for being with us. We're all excited. Blue bell ice cream is going to be dropping by some ice cream today. Also NFL quarterback for the San Francisco forty Niners. And he actually grew up in this area went to Spain park high school where the show is based out of McMullan's will be stopped about that's kind of cool. Greg is off today. Baby watched twenty nine pain, his son, Taylor and wife, Kelsey you're expecting and it can happen any second now. So you know, how we name the segments haradim down. Yeah. This is what I named segment one frustrated Popol, Greg. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He he left out yesterday afternoon. I'm talking about anytime, you get a call like that you're kind of frantic anyway because you want to because I mean, it's not like he was five minutes away. He had to get home. And then get to Atlanta area the metro where they live, and so that was you know, quite a bit away. And then you got Lisa who's probably ready to go come on. Let's go, and and so he ran out, but he was more frustrated with the haircut he got and cannot wait to see that. But yesterday afternoon, we got to have lunch, and he returned his pulse. Your poll saw that he borrowed. I think we said back before Halloween. Do was go question. Yeah. And and we knew that. We dated it back to about the fifteenth of October. So yeah. He. We haven't really needed it. Now this past weekend. I did want to knock out some things, but I'll probably wouldn't have because we all went hunting. Yeah. So but anyway, we get there to your house yesterday. And it was great seeing everyone. No. But we get there and beautiful neighborhood. We're here hanging out. And you start pointing around you like, hey, I've needed to solid because this is what I'm gonna do today. I'm going to get this land this land, this lamb, and you got you got a very historic area that you live in. So you got a lot of old growth and trees that. I don't know how some of them probably I don't know how old they are. But I mean, there's just trees everywhere. So you're constantly we live in a tree house. Really billing. George large trees are a big part of your life. They are intrigued right part of a lot. And you saw some things on this on your roof. And you said limit fell up there and busted up get up and get it. And the gutters. Need to be cleaned out one last time before I know Amanda talked about that last night. But hey, those things expense. I know I know so when but there's an easy access from your back to the roof. Did that make you feel better? Okay. Did I like that? And so and so you're like, I'll just step up and get all that stuff. So I guess you did. Yeah. But today, you are eat up with something guys. I I mean speedy. I do not know. It has been a lot. Now, I've had a cold for about a week. Felt bad for one day. But outside of that fell great just was kind of just had a cold. Okay. But yesterday, I Don I am allergic to trees and weeds and all the things that come with that. I mean, remember I went last year in the summer and got tested, and I was allergic to every single tree in basically plant. That's out there. I don't know if I grab something yesterday and touch the area of my nose is or what I don't know. But but buddy, I have sneezed and sneezed and sneezed at my nose is running like a faucet, and and it won't stop. And my mom was even getting on me y'all got red nostrils lie in like a little kid. Does I had to take it's called? It's like a vacillation when I got home last night at like, eleven o'clock. Oh, Levin, and whatever and from being up here, and I had to put it Carolina always uses for lips here. I know that's why I'm telling it. And I had to put it on my nose because I had rubbed it rawal from sneezing and wiping by. No, so much Amand even said when I got home last night. She goes, you don't even need to talk tomorrow. Like, you sound like Rudolph. All right. So here's my prediction. You ready? You got up on the on the roof. Grab those limbs. We will you hand in hand gloves on probably slung them off into the woods. All right. Yeah. And then rubbed your eyes or something. Out had gloves on and rub Mazar still been there. Right. Well, yeah. That's true. But I'm just saying I mean, I think in I had. I actually think I had gloves off because it was cold day. I do. Yeah. Oh, my heck. I don't know. I think it has something to do with that that because you got I look it had to be that. Yeah. There had to be some kind of mold or something almost limbs that has or something in the gutter. Right. Because there was some leaves in the gutter that were Ryan rhino. They've bounced back. I don't know. Yeah. That's it has to be what it is. I believe there's a right there by the how you doing you good. He's not. This is the moods. We we we hadn't turn those on top. This is a mood set of for us. We're a little the lights aren't on fully. I didn't even notice it. Yeah. The first NFL money. That's the first thing he noticed. But I didn't even notice. This is kind of how we do it when we have best of turn all the lights on. Yeah. It's kind of what was a little moods at right now. But yeah, you're you're struggling, and I get it. I think it's from that yesterday. It's obvious. I mean because you said you started sneezing right after that. So it's obvious. What it is. You know, but it's tough. Because now everybody's so sick. And there's so many viruses going around you. Don't know. Okay. Is this a flare up or my sick? And here's what the good news is. I do not feel bad. Yeah. Access what it is even on three hours of sleep. I really feel good. Yeah. I mean, it's running. You know, my two youngest sons Jason race have all the allergies. You have and racist eat up with something looks just like you right now. And I think he got into something because he because he he said he feels fine. But he can't breathe and sneezing..

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