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The big interview. Listen so good I. Let's welcome to the PODCAST. Ask former Major League player former major league manager Bo Porter Bo. What's going on man? How you doing or I'll tell you what? MLB Hot Stove. I mean this is an exciting time of year for Major League Baseball and I couldn't be happier with all of the the traction that has taken place where what free the agency with trades and you look at the number of teams that have been inactive or tanking over the years I I. It's just good to see that there are quite a few teams that are looking to get better and we should say Bo. Puerto Right now is in San Diego for the winter meetings. He's also an analyst for the Washington nationals television and speaking of the nationals. Did they make a big splash on the first day of the winter meetings by by signing the stud as right hand Stephen Strasburg to a record-breaking seven year two hundred forty five million dollar contract for the right hand thirty one year we use all What a great deal for the nationals? It's a wonderful nationals. Again I think in the day and age where you see players there's jumping teams and And then you think about a guy like Stephen Strasburg who obviously was another one pick overall he he he is one of those guys that stay in Washington was very important for him. And it's great to see that the organization and the player spoke with England so get exactly Willoughby's they wanted and free agency and when you look at this bill and again you know I'm in the organization that understand you know. Learn family understand. Mike Rizzo. This was top priority for them. Stephen Strasburg to retire as a Washington national. And here's the other part that I loved. The organization organization came out no games no Baloney and said. We can't sign both guys anthony when donor was tremendous again for them. One of their guys. You said that we have two big time free agents and we're going to sign one and there was no monkey business they pick Strasbourg. And you know what you know the game ball better than anybody. The game is about pitching. And when you've got a guy like that at the top of your rotation it's hard not to want to sign him. It was very difficult. We're going again. I think when you look at the free agent market and what has taken place in the early stages of the free agent market. There's even a return to the importance of starting pitching and I think the Washington nationals run-up success through the postseason en route to winning the world series has changed the thought process. Ah Lotte Front offices. And a lot of teams as they're starting to put their teams together. And you look at having those three horses at the front of the rotations. Jim Was Strasbourg Sherzer and call in. They were able to weather the storm of even one of the worst starts in Major League Baseball Nineteen thirty one. But when you have those courses and once those forces got going it was it was a great success story for the Washington nationals. But back to the deal rob when you think about L. Strasbourg opting out of the four years. One hundred million. What does that tell you right there? I mean can you imagine a hundred million guaranteed and you opt out of it. I think I would be afraid to leave the house. Well I think one. He knew his value When you look at the market and what other pitches agents had gone? It's over the course of the last few years but when you break this deal down you have eighty million of it the furred was the Washington nationals to me this was. It's a no brainer. Because if you take the seven year to forty five and you subtract two hundred million that he was already do over the four year period. You're talking about three years at one hundred and forty five million well if you're the nationals you get to the for eighty million of that. Now you're looking at three years fifty five million team Strasbourg when you when you really start to take a deep leno does a real numbers. You're right those are absolutely real numbers. There's there's no reason not to get that done like you say already on the hook. Four hundred million Already so yeah. It's a sweet deal and for Stephen Strasburg who's comfortable in Washington There was talk about the padres and the dodgers and maybe the Yankees and different teams. Who are looking for a stud? And he's comfortable. He got paid. What he you believe even know that won't last long? We both know that Garrett Cole will will wind up getting a bigger deal but I think Strasbourg did the right thing. Yeah and getting the biggest priority team Strasbourg. I think his family and you mentioned you know him. Being comfortable in Washington he has basically. It's route to their his family's comfortable there. And those are the things for Stephen Strasburg that were paramount and his decision making and when you look at the fact that even the deferment servant of the contracts Stephen Strasburg will be a part of the Washington Nationals Organization for the rest of his life so them deferring a portion of his money. It just gives the organization more flexibility to go out and continue to make the team better. There you go Washington nationals. Get there man Dan. I don't know if they're going to repeat and win. The world sues again but they did win they did win. Strasbourg was a big part of it and they have them back in the saddle. Hey Bo Porter always a pleasure to have you on the podcast match day. talk soon. Okay thank you up. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by vis motto? If I'm writing I'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new Julia McWilliams. One of the brightest new young baseball writers. He covers the Red Sox for the Boston Globe. Julia what's happening. What's GonNa Rob? Thanks man always. And he's down into winter meetings in San Diego. A lot of buzz going on down there ever was happening. And everybody's weighing on the colder. Oh to drop. You saw transfer after seven years to forty five yesterday Board held his His annual winter meetings You know a a party whatever you WANNA call it. His his his thing has a big Shebang. Yes and he's Co is GonNa get more than that and we know closing holds a better pitcher so The a Yankee said they won't be denied. Thank you said enough to be tonight. You know usually get the guy that they want and they have money to pick up money to spend. They got money they got money and you know oh I think this year against the Houston Astros when they're when they're pitching plummeted. Their bullpen ran out. I think the wake up call the CASHMAN and say hey we need to go out and get some guy. How about the Red Sox? We know the big story when Dave Dombrowski was fired as team president and they were talking about the red sox going on welfare and You know they don't have any and all that other stuff I mean. Help me out. What are they doing and is there some way somehow? mookie Betts is going to be unloaded. Well I mean that's always a possibility if you look at the luxury tax situation and if they get under the luxury tax but you're trying to get on a twenty. Njit two hundred eight million dollars vic eight hundred million dollars next year granted. You're looking at mookie Betts Guy. That's that's a You know a two thousand eighteen. MVP You know. He's the second best player in my opinion other than my trout You know this is a God is the fixture in that line of man and and you know they've gone to the table and they they. They offered him two years and this guy is adamant that he wants to go into free agency. They so they could unload them but the fact of the matter is I don't know if if you unload them and you're a team that's in the running for something you know. Okay it's not like Kawhi Leonard Situation where you're guaranteed it's baseball you know that it's not a guarantee that you win the world series just because the one guy and granted if you unload them you might be giving up some prospects in return so You know and he's a rental. It's a rental thing. So Oh it's GONNA come down to our team it'd be willing to give up the prospects and I don't know if they'll be able to be willing to do that because it'll be a huge because he's he's that type of player. What's your gut? So does he ought to. Does he play for Red Sox this year. Yeah I think he. He plays the Red Sox. This Jack can't see. It seems unless team field that they're really really close and he'd be the guy to get them over the Hump I can't see them Giving giving last year I returned the new to make twenty seven to thirty million dollars in arbitration this year. So that the one that bill I don't know I think he plays for the Red Sox this year the Texas Rangers got a big checkbook. They opened up a new ballpark. This season coming up. You know they're talking about trying to get Garrett Cole I I mean Anthony Window and what do you think about that. Where does he want? Why does he want them pay? That's I mean he's the he's the Texas kid I mean people I spoke to somebody from From the national after the won the world series and they said you know they're they're pretty much you know Sold on he's probably not gonna be able to come back next year. I know they offered him to seven years to fifteen but a lot of that was the furrow money. He declined that so I think they got they got the Strasbourg deal and now they're looking at a situation where they're trying to get them but I don't know if they'll be able to dish out that type of money to get lost and I think he either goes in Texas now The angels that makes too so you never know what that situation but this is the guy that put on the show in the world series and you know he he deserves the money for sure last thing just your gut where does Garrett Cole Wind Up is it. The Yankees isn't the dodgers. Is it the padres. Where does you wind up? Look the Yankees missed out of them in two thousand eight he decided to UCLA. He grew up Yankee Gi fan. A Yankees swing and miss when they really want somebody I think he ended up being Yank there he. Is Julian McGuire. Who covers the Boston? The Red Sox for the Boston Globe always a good recheck. Him Out Julian thank you so much. Happy Holidays to you and yours and create a robin anytime. 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