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Curiosity singer a roller derby girl in a sober babe. Please welcome laura silverman. Thank you kathy. What an introduction. Everyone introduce well. It is true. And i have seen you on social media sing kariuki and you know i. You're very brave opinion to be up there and sober. I don't think a lot of people do that now. But have you ever. Have you ever seen karaoke while roller skating. not yet. that's the next to the next voyage. Rollerskating takes quite a lot of concentration. Actually it's much harder than it looks. And i've been a little out of practice but my league just got the okay to start skating in small pods outside. So i've been doing that for the past few weeks and it's it's a lot plus it's also been super hot but like the kariuki roller derby or carrier. John skates party with boost. Free beverages is like my dream an idea. Why would kariuki kinda make some concentration. Take some concentration as his. Well you know at least you can actually read the words when you're not that's just totally obliterated and it's kind of like chewing gum and walking at the same time true. Yeah any sound better. Even if you don't think that you do you do right. Not as slurry and now pitch not yelling so much right exactly exactly. How did you get into roller derby. I mean i've been to a couple of bouts here in california in albuquerque at the duke city roller derby. Yeah so always been intrigued by it. I when i was little. I wanted to be an ice skater. Figure skater and that didn't end up happening but took some figure skating lessons when i was in my twenties. And you know like. I don't even think ahead roller skates when i was younger. It didn't have rollerblades. But i just have been intrigued by the culture. I saw the movie. whip it me too..

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