Lawrence Welk, Mitch, Aerosmith discussed on Monday Morning Podcast


The fucking stupid dance floor you know you know they both had fucking eating disorders god damn dancers yet have the body of fucking seventh grade year entire life it's like if thirty five years old what do we fucking handful of cottage cheese before you go out the goddamn door cleo get get away from me come on you sniff it at my feet i'm trying to focus here dogs are so fucking emotional look at that look on your face you really just had a sad look on your face now you're making me feel bad hm anyways talking about the lawrence welk show go looked at shit up i was just i was just it was fucking horrible some of those shows back then you know that's that's kind of like what i grew up you know i just saw those shows i sat down and watched it for the longest time that was like music to me you know and i asked for i wanna record i wanted i want some music for my birthday that i don't know what i didn't know what it was just wanted to record give me a record in the first record i was given was sing along with mitch and the gang was a mitch miller record you know i always wondered why never got laid in high school but you know when when you're when you're weaned on roll out the barrel oh he's the kids singing like fucking aerosmith and led zeppelin and i'm like won't you come home bill bailey won't you come home you up.

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