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Live from the studio. It is former G lot fan across the country on CBS sports network. Purry twain Haskins and forced Nick close as the defensive lineman from Ohio State are all going to be for -ticipant. According to latest reports for the NFL combines the NFL combine will be February twenty six March four now that's interesting because Kyle Murray spring training starts for the as I think February fifteenth now if he doesn't show up for that. Does he four fifty four point six million dollar bonus that be as gave him when they drafted? I believe that is the case. Yes, if he does not report their spring training than that money is gone. And that means he's going to be going to the NFL, and he's going to try to make up that money as a first round pick because he'll get a lot more that route right away. And it's good news Ed Haskins and here both participating as of right now. And the combine because there will give the NFL scouts say a real firsthand. Look as to what they can do, and what kind of people they are what their backgrounds all about whether or not they love football. Or, you know, this is something that, you know, just kind of a passing fad for them. Although I think both kids seem to have the personality that they want to be the man, and especially Haskins, you know, I just feel like he's a kid that just is ready to go. I he just wants to leave Ohio State, and he wants to get into the NFL because that's where he belongs. I feel strongly that he could be perfect for the giants showing grow up here. Shawn springs, basically got him to go down to. I guess school outside of Washington DC and football dairy, ends up going to Ohio State, probably due in large part to Shawn springs, helping him, and you know, kind of directing him towards Ohio State, and Sean is basically said nothing, but great things about the kids. So going into the compound, I think there are high hopes for him. And hopefully, he lives up to what I believe is going to be a high first round pick, and maybe even higher than number six if somebody falls in love with him much like the guys fell in love with Jared Goff. And Carson Wentz. Nobody really knew much about those two guys all of bought that they were going to be first round picks. But who knew that the Rams and the eagles were going to be so nervous about getting a quarterback that they would trade up to the first and second picks in the draft in that draft to go. Get those two guys. Dave Gettleman did not like the quarterbacks enough last year to take one of those guys number two ended up going saquon Barkley, you know, he's coming over all the tape but twain Atkins, but if he does not have a favorable opinion of Dwayne asking if he's not gonna take a at six or trade up to get him. He's not gonna take a quarterback for the sake of taking a quarterback. He told us that marked by words this kid completed seventy percent of his passes through for forty eight hundred yards. Fifty four touchdowns and only eight interceptions his yards per attempt for nine point two. And he sits in the pocket and throws the football from where it's supposed to be thrown from. And it looks like he has all fundamental skill sets that you want in a big quarterback, especially in the northeast and he will run with the ball little bit. There's no question about that. He's a good athlete. I just get the sense from listening to his a lot of his interviews around the bowl games. And all that other stuff that he seems like he really is comfortable and has high expectations for himself to play in the NFL, which is a big part of this thing the way I look at it as the giants. We thought missed a huge opportunity last year by not taking your quarterback. This guy is there for them this year, Wayne Haskins either meaning they have to go up to three or make a deal with the jets are take a bit six thing. You better not let that opportunity slip through your fingers two years in a row, right, especially because you know, the Washington Redskins are going to be looking for a quarterback. The Jaguars are going to be looking for a young quarterback. They're they're blaming. There are a number of teams that I think would try to trade up to go get him that that I do believe that's going to happen. Think somebody's gonna come away from the combine just blown away by him. And also Daniel Jones from Duke actually raised his stock level bit. According to a couple of the scouts that I've spoken to at the senior bowl. So he's another one that's probably going to be a first round quarterback draft pick. And so will it looks like drew lock at a Missouri? Yeah. A lot of people think that those two guys could be on the patriots radar at some point either end of the first round or whatever because they need to now find that quarterback in waiting whatever Tom Brady decides to finally hang it up. Let's go to Colorado on Staten Island. What's happened in Colorado? Hey, what's going on guys? What's up? Now the March I was listening before. And I know you guys are talking about the QB's in the league now running I find it hard to watch. Sometimes especially like, I would tell an out who picked up the phone Lamar Jackson in that wildcard game. I mean, I don't see that running the ball ineffective route to take in in the NFL. It's just not college. Yeah. You know, short short term short term, Colorado. It's okay. Because teams now have to get ready for something that they don't normally see in the run pass option has become such an influential part of the NFL, and it's good. I think I think Lamar Jackson said all the right things after the season was over. He's gotta learn the game. He's gotta learn how to play the game at a pro level, and he's got to do things differently. If he wants to survive. So I think he recognizes that but there's still not going to take the RPO's out of the game. However when you take a look at the two teams that made it to the Super Bowl. They don't run our PEOs. So I will say I would say, yeah. The running quarterbacks it's a little bit of a passing fad? It does happen. There's nothing wrong with like being a Mitchell Trubisky and taking off every now and again, but you can't live like that. Well, Lamar Jackson zig. I think of all the time that Baltimore Ravens now are fully committed to Lamar jazz. Josh Allen, Josh Allens monster arm, though, too. We weren't ever talking about his legs during the combine and leading up to the draft who was all about as big arm, and he ended up that came out of nowhere, essentially how much you ran so. Yeah, he needs to see what Lamar Jackson. He just doesn't have the as they say arm talent, the same type of armed talent that Josh Allen has he has to be running the football in the way that he does. And you see him in sort of compromising situations for Lamar though like any of the young quarterback. Sam darnold included don't come back next year, and they'll be better. Yeah. I mean, but do you see there won't be overwhelmed? They they come in as rookies these guys it's nonstop for the guys right now coming out of college everything right now is football football football football. They're working on their football skills or getting themselves in shape for the combine. They've got to go through a lot of interviews is going to be pro days that they're going to do this going to be individual workouts that they're going to be asked to do. So it is nonstop from now until the end of the season next January. So when you think about that in light of Baker Mayfield Sam darnold, Josh Allen. Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson those guys played. And there was a lot of pressure on them. And this is the first time that they have ever felt pressure quite like that. So now, it's break time, they're relaxing a little bit. And when they come back not a start for them. They'll feel hell of a lot more comfortable this year than it did last year to catch twenty two with a guy like Lamar Jackson because you want to use him on the ground as much as possible. But you also want him to stay healthy. If you're going to have Lamar Jackson. In the pocket and throw the football time. There's no point of hand. Lamar Jackson on your team, which is gonna be interesting to see what happens with Joe flacco. And also Nick foles guys of that ilk where whether or not teams want to have a stopgap while they draft the young quarterback, and hopefully let him sit. The question is is whether or not the fan base for that particular team that say may draft one of these kids and sign like Nick foles or Joe flacco if the fan base is going to be willing to allow the older player to kind of play through some the ups and downs. Yeah. Or is it going to just be a massive fan pressure to get the guy on the field? I do think though Nick foles brings a little bit more excitement to a fan base. Because it's so recent that he did what he did. I think flacco is a tougher sell on a fan base because he it's been a while now since they wanted and Super Bowl, and he when the when the ravens offense was bad, and he was at the helm. It looked really really bad so foles I could see it fan base getting excited about he's such a good, dude. Not that flacco is in. But it's. I still have. I'm Nick foles. I don't go anywhere. I really he he talked about that. When he came back to Philadelphia at all the stuff that went on. And how he was a preacher somewhere out in Kansas. Or whatever the hell was he was just happy doing what he was doing it. Now, he's sitting on now potentially a money man is true. Downs. Does Carson Wentz even want him back on the Philadelphia roster? That's the other thing you have to ask what what happens if they do bring them back, which they're not going. It doesn't look like they're going to. I don't know what the market is going to be for him. I am I giving Nick foles three years sixty million. No, my give him sixty six million. I mean, my that desperate as a team to get a guy in there. No. I think he gets a case keenum deal is what he gets. That's what he should get six million twenty should get. I don't know if his agents say, well, wait a second. Look, you're a Super Bowl, MVP, whatever. But that's what he should get. It's the type of player is Ronnie in Tom's river, New Jersey. What's happening? Hey, guys. How's everyone doing good, man? What's up? I thought my way I saw your your call GIO in great gold call in that was that was also a really good job. I was really proud. Thank you. Awesome. Thanks. So do you think that both GM's jets and giants you put their differences aside and the giant swap the six the third verse three second round draft picks or do you think? What's his face? And the jets is going to be kind of a nozzle and. What's the name of the jets? Mike mccann. Yeah. So that that's interesting. I know if I'm the judge jam and less there is a game changing player. They're at number three. And when I say game changing an Aaron Donald type player, I think I have to trade out of that spot because I have to recoup some of the picks that I use to get Sam darnold, and this is the best way of doing it, especially if somebody really has their eyes on one of these quarterbacks do the jets and giants have that relationship like the Mets and Yankees do where it's borderline impossible for them to make a deal with one another..

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