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With faint praise. I don't know again. He's not compared to what we're talking about. The waiver wire column that to me would not be the strongest of waiver add. Let's rip through a few more here. Matthew corey davis could call by you on the hate list. And there's probably pretty good reason. A zach wilson completed more passes to patriots defensive players than. He did corey davis on sunday to catches on five targets for eight yards. Yeah i'm not worried about it. I mean that was again. That's bill bell check. It's a rookie quarterback bat offensive line. They shut down corey davis. i think. Corey davis has much closer to week. One week two again. He was on the hate list. I i didn't want any part of him this week. But do i think he leads that team and targets and do i yes. I think that teams throwing a lot this year. Yes and do. I think he's a talented player. Yes so. I'm not to keep on your bench but he'll be fine going forward. Nice week for tyler boyd. Seven catches for seventy three yards. Kind of what. You were hoping for and expecting tyler martinez just two catches yesterday but both he antiguans found the end zone. So boy gets the volume. He needed to be on the radar. We talked about this fantasy football now. About hey you panicked about tyler born. We're no honestly going again. Look cooper cup did out of the slot. We like tyler boyd. Going against the bears that have struggled against the slot now through two games this season and so tell avoids talented. It's gonna there's quote unquote days like this for all those wide receivers three really talented passengers in cincinnati not to mention joe mixing. Who's a part of the passing game as well and so. If you have your marchesi got bailed out by the touchdown you would like to see in a little bit more usage but as all those guys established themselves. There's gonna be there's gonna be there's gonna be buoyed weeks higgin weeks and chase weeks and we find. But they're all fantasy viable. It is one of the best wide receiver groups in the nfl fantasy. Julio jones okay now. Julio jones looked much better yesterday than he did in week one hundred and twenty eight yard. And really this really should have been seven catches. One hundred and thirty four yards and a touchdown touchdown taking off the board yesterday insane. What a terrible call. Now before the podcast is that the spirit of replay the intention of replay is to overturn plays. That are clearly an obviously wrong to have conclusive video evidence if julio jones foot was out of bounds it was by a fingernail if the play had been called on the field incomplete. It should've remained incomplete. I made that exact point on twitter. I have no the problem. Is they call it a touchdown on the field and there was no from any angle. There was nothing inclusive about the fact that he stepped out. I'm like i. I agree with you. Had they called it incomplete on the field and they you know they through the red flag. I would've said keep it in complete. The call stands. This is a little inside thing but like when you hear a rough say the cost stands it. It means they don't have enough to overturn. But they say the calls confirmed that means they agree with the call so to me what it should have been. The call stands meaning like we don't know if it's right or wrong. But there's nothing conclusive enough for us. To overturn it to the call just stands and so that's what it should have been just when you hear restocking stalking by the way when they announced the crowd. That's what it means. The difference between stands in confirms and listen. I was happy about that. Just because you. And i are playing in the war room league. You have ryan tannehill and then also by the way i have. Julio jones on may hate list and another touchdown would have made that call even worse than it already was because as a bad call by me tuffah. Listen i i was wrong on julio this week but it was good to see it was good to see and the weird part though is. Aj brown tough game for him. It's been a tough game for that. Titans passing offense. That offensive line looks bad field. I think the hope though first of all the one hundred percent correct the hope is that what they saw in the second half when they got things going not just in the passing game but specifically in the running game is what is head for tennessee. Right as we all know. Derrick henry. Just an absolute. He was king yesterday in the second half. He was unbelievable. Was the big dog. No surprise that we saw a much more efficient passing game. When derrick henry is also running the ball very effectively one more and then i wanted to make sure he gets to his update on monday night. Football because we do have a couple of injuries that are important to monitor mike evans. You just mentioned in matthew end we all. We're optimistic that week one was going to be an aberration. And if you watch the opening drive yesterday of that. Buccaneers falcons game. I could be wrong. But i one hundred percent believe the. Tom brady heard everything about the quiet day. For mike evans and said that's the guy the target early in this game because he did. Yeah tom brady. Most quarterbacks are like this but there might be a better quarterback in the nfl in nfl. History than tom brady at this in terms of making sure multiple guys get involved keeping them active and interesting interested and not. The mike evans is in a pro. He is he would be. But honestly mike evans insanely talented wide receiver. He needs to be a big part of this buccaneers offense. We talked about this on fantasy football now sunday morning as well that we expected to be game for mike evans. Because he'd been quiet in week. One stout we gave on fantasy will now sunday morning. Where we said like look start. Mike evans don't panic. Is that last year. There were six different times. He was wide receiver forty five or worse and he's still finished last year as a top twenty fancy wide receiver. That's mike evans. There's gonna be some weeks down weeks you just have to start him every week and hope and obviously this is a weak that paid off. There's no question that tom brady. Wanted to get him. Evolves no by the way it's been two straight weeks of gronk big week for my cabins kind of a quiet day for antonio brown next week. He's gonna get antonio brown back involved like that's what they do. Tough match-up for brady as i believe. He plays the rams on sunday. He does play the rams in los angeles daniel. What are you got going to say. I think that mike evans is like the king. Size version of tyler. Lockett like title like the snacks. The snack size candy bar and mike evans is like the king size. We're like they both this part of it right. They're going to have weeks where you have some tough weeks and they're gonna have weeks where they both absolutely crushed it and you do it by the way very different wide. Receiver saying tyler lock. It's been real all Stefan you couple interrupt as before we get to monday night. Football is andrea swift. Going to play tonight for the toy line. Yes the plan is for the andrea swift. Play tonight. I always say the plant. The plan is that is what we are hearing. Is that the plan is pretty under swift to play tonight. But just remember during warmups double-check etc. In case you need to make a last minute switch and also.

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