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To get a shot to be back in two thousand twenty. Because if so I feel like this is a simple operation gone awry. Well a few things number one from what I understand the reason why it's on a Saturday is because the NFL thought that teams would not want other organizations at their facility on a Tuesday Atlanta going travelling to Carolina away so they're facility was available number one number two from what I understand Colin Kaepernick because requested that he brings his own wide receivers now so that he's more familiar with them. Because you're absolutely right. They're not telling him what wide receivers are going to be. There and I will tell you this about Hugh Jackson. Hugh Jackson Loves Colin Kaepernick. He had Colin Kaepernick at the top of his board above Cam Newton above Andy Dalton on top of that when he was in Oakland When he was in in Cleveland you wanted to trade to bring Colin Kaepernick to Cleveland and also Hugh Jackson apart Iraq nation? A lot of people are intertwining. The Jay Z.. Connection with the NFL. So this could be. I don't know but this could be. Jay Z rock nation. You Jackson I think knowing Hugh Jackson do. He's going to take the series that he did not want to be involved in this. If this wasn't at the best interest of Colin Kaepernick so for all those Colin Kaepernick fans out. There be grateful that that Hugh Jackson is a part of it. Would it give you've by having this workout. In this way and this clandestine way could give teams a little bit of cover. So that they can kick the tires and yet not be formally announced as we had him at our complex absolutely lutely and that's been a situation since his count cabinet given out of the League teams are very concerned about upsetting large portion. This fan base by even if it gets out that you've brought into the building to work out so I do that but along those lines. If this is still such a concern than all the situations that were present before that Mateen go away from him. Yeah are still there. If you're so concerned about bring him into the building so are you really going to sign him. That's the that's the million dollar question. We will see what happens with this this weekend and see if anything comes of it well coming up why James Wiseman dropped an NCAA lawsuit and was ruled ineligible by his team on the same day and an investigation into the Astros. Become uh-huh something much larger. The holiday rush is coming and if you sell stuff online than you know what a pain ship and can be. It's time consuming expensive and a hassle astle until now introducing ship station the fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your products to your customers in time for the holidays whether you sell stuff on on Amazon Ebay Oetzi shop or your own website with ship station. You can quickly ship all orders from one easy to use dashboard. Saving you a ton of time. There's even an easy to use mobile APP. So you'll always have access. Plus you'll save money with ship stations deeply discounted rates from all the top carriers like USPS ups Fedex DHL DHL. You can choose the best carrier at the lowest rate per every package. It's no wonder ship station is rated number one by online sellers. Take the hassle out of holidays shipping this year right now you can try ship station free for sixty days. That's right free. Just go to ship station DOT COM and enter offer code fan. We Guarantee -ship station will make getting holiday orders to your customers a lot easier. That ship station DOT com offer Code Fan ship station. Make ship happen. It's like I said we're breaking story. We got more big stories this week this time. This one's out of Memphis where Thursday was a strange day for the team and their top players slash presumptive number one pick in next year's NBA draft. James Wiseman now in the morning wiseman dropped his suit against the NCAA who claim that he was likely ineligible because he received an eleven thousand dollars payment it from then high school coach Penny Hardaway at a time that the NCAA considered him a booster. A short time later Memphis ruled wiseman and eligible so just to put this. Is You just think about this folks. I dropped my lawsuit against the NCAA presumably that means. I'm GONNA play right but no I'm ineligible. What do you think was going down here? Well they're obviously trying to work out situation behind the scenes with the ANC to get him reinstated. I mean but this whole saga just once again reminds us that when you have supposedly amateur athletic there's really not amateur athletic. We keep having these situations arise and the reality of it is. This young man is going to be there for a year and he's GonNa go to the NBA. That's that's what his goal is. When you see these things constantly come up and say what are we ever going to get a US? Something put in place where this just no longer has to happen really so it's the one and done. If if you have a thing that lets them just go. You don't have this problem. That could be it. I think there are soon to be three issues at heart. I think for just a casual observer of the situation and that would not expect anybody that had had the NC double a. bylaws memorize backwards and forwards. But I think there are things that come to mind first of all why now. Why happening hours before he's set to make his is Memphis debut and game? That of course was broadcast here on the ESPN family of network too is I know that the NC Double A. has a lot of nuance to the various bylaws involved but there is definitely a perception sometimes the NC double A.. Is figuring it out or making it up as it goes along right. That's I think the public sometimes sometimes fields is that ours is happening and the gray area. I think the third issue is that. What does the booster now hardaway? Obviously you know arguably the finest athletes in Memphis athletics. History like this. Isn't there a lot of potential grayer going forward of defining people that make this money almost a decade ago. He gave a million to the school. Aw to help build a sports complex and now he's a booster but keep in mind. This happened before he was actually the coach amendment. So isn't there some interesting precedents going forward. Like he's not the the only former player his own school that will eventually take over a job. I think that becomes a really fine line. The incident as you're gonNA have to make much clear than it was up to this point. You know I think the the NCAA. I I think they're really trying. As we know soon right players are going to be able to sell their likeliness as college college and so this is a whole new area that the I think they're terrified in in getting into and so we saw what happened with chase young Ohio state right right where I borrowed money from a family friend so he could fly his girlfriend to a game. This money was used so that his parents can move from Nashville to Memphis and Fitz. So you know I I think I think the NCAA is is just as trying to figure out and being very cautious. It's about how they're going to move forward in this new space where Pandora's box is gonNA be bottom line. This is what happens when you try to treat athletes as different from everybody else because any other kid at school school can do this thing and not be in trouble all right another score another story that could prove scandalous. This one major league baseball. MLB is announcing that it's expanding expanding the investigation into the two thousand seventeen Houston Astros now. They were accused of illegally using a centerfield camera to steal opponent signs now. MLB plans to speak the other teams and others. Who are with the as at the time like Boston? Red sox manager Alex Cora and the mets newest headman Carlos Beltran. This is very interesting because the astros have faced allegations like this for a while but now since Mike Fires gave an interview to the athletic field this seems to be blowing up and it could be far each. It sure does is in question will be what are the implications. What are the potential repercussions that they're going to face repercussions retroactively? Makes very little sense right. Vacate Kate winslet fans really care about the vacating of wins or losses in sports. How do you handle this going forward? Because on the one hand we're hearing about a very specific set of instances surrounding one franchise simultaneously. You're here people come out of the woodwork. And say this happens all over baseball which suggest systemic issue which could span far larger in the. NFL has to carefully monitor for the rest of it's off season which just began less than a month ago. Question will be what will be do okay. Because you can't just allow this to continue continue. I mean once they talked everyone and if it's an ongoing thing what do they do like. You'll see what do they put in place but they can't just leave it status. You can't just limit it to the Astros. That's the thing they're doing now. They're going to other organizations but think about this. They have this investigation of which right now. They're saying they're cooperating. But they have no further comment but then they also have the Brandon Talbot Investigation in two investigations against this team. It is not a good look for you know. It's not an I understand that the an investigation has to take place right but I think more importantly th- The discussion she needs to be moving forward. What is it about baseball? That it's just it's it's that old timer feel. Don't flip your bat right like move forward why I don't think the same system that the NFL has where instead of like painting your fingernails white and calling what pitch you want as a catcher having some type of communication vacation with highs where. Nobody knows what you're talking about. Like what is it about baseball other than other any other sports that they're so two thousand thousand in late thanks to word already like change what you're doing and eliminate this possibility. They need to take your advice. Maybe you should the joke about. Come up you can't keep up with a couple of our heroes. We got that next hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stacks of resumes sommes confusing review process. 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The smartest smartest way to hire you know dropping temperatures mean that hockey basketball seasons are starting and that it's time to make sure your car's engine is extra protected so go with pennzoil synthetic motor oil. The first motor oil made from natural gas not crude oil. It gives you unbeatable engine protection detection. Canto ever protect your team's place in the standings. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence foray where test using sap. I Five W thirty sportscenter at six eastern with Kevin Gandhi and Keith Olbermann. What's next after the steelers browns brought continuing coverage also Carmelo Anthony's denise returns to the NBA? Plus how Saturday's games impact Alabama Oregon and Oklahoma's paths the playoff sportscenter on. ESPN and the APP right after PTI. Then tip tip off your weekend with our Friday doubleheader Donovan Mitchell leads the jazz against rookie sensation. John Moran and the Grizz eighties turn. Then Kevin the Celtics get a five game west coast trip against the warriors coverage begins. NBA Countdown at seven on ESPN. And the APP all right. Let's Talk Heroes Jason. My hero is Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens Dynamic Softball. Second Year quarterback when you look at what he's doing in his sophomore season. No one could have thought that after his rookie year he where he he is right now. It is incredible incredible and it's all because of his hard work. Yeah really remember seventy five should have been running back and receiver not anymore. My here's Juju Smith Schuster. Just because he's I've got a dog named Bruges who's his emotional support. Animal get this on instagram. Two hundred and twenty six thousand followers gave her shadow to his girlfriend. Porsche the dogs girlfriend. That is twenty six thousand instagram followers. But just love. That dog changed his life. We certainly hope he's okay from that hit last night. By by the way speaking the last night this is coming out myles Garrett releasing a statement here he says. Last night I made a terrible.

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Ncaa, Colin Kaepernick, Hugh Jackson discussed on Outside the Lines

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