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Oklahoma state's got some ballers like they competed out there. That wasn't an easy win for Texas so you know to see Oklahoma State may be better than people thought because of the lack lack of schedule and have an unranked like that wouldn't be new for the pokes but I just it's really easy to just go. Hey Oklahoma's better. Maybe that's still the right answer but I think that's what every other conference has to worry about is the winner of that game. I think first of all there are two of my favorite coaches in the country and for very not very different reasons Lincoln is you sit in a room of Lincoln and it's like I get it. You know he's he's so smart so humble about it you. Don't you know it doesn't come off as I'm trying to tell you how good I am. It's just like I'm trying to talk ball and and trying to give you some of the answers than he just respects the game so much and you understand why he's literally I. I'm telling you there are at least or at least five. NFL teams that would take and their situation now now and hire him. That's how respected he is and by the end. I'm talking about right now. Just ridiculous I by the end of the season. Maybe a third of the League May maybe more that's how respected he is and when you said when he it's it's just like talking to him. You're here. You're sitting on the plane next to a really nice out the average personality guy and you like he just won't let you know how smart he is but you know how smart he is and he's just he just gets it and he cares about the players lawyers and all that and and Tom is just he's fiery and he's really smart offensively to he doesn't get enough credit for that and I remember I spent a year with urban. Remember over the whole fall going down every single week spending the day at his house and watching he would put put on tape after tape after tape. I think was at Iowa state at that point of watch this Guy Watch what he does. Watch the count this and so that that was that was not a surprise when he wound up hiring. Tom Herman is is offensive coordinator Ohio State Thomas because more like I said fiery and and just you just get after you then demands it and they do it in different ways so I love both of those guys. I think Oklahoma we have so much in the tank in terms of talent. I think Texas is capable this year of doing it for the first time because I think they've recruited well enough. I still would give the edge Oklahoma but I think the gap is closing and and I think this is one of the big reasons because he's he's just got something. He's just he's a warrior. Is An urban wanted you to work for him. he never really. I mean he inquired about like what I WANNA do in life and we had a lotta long long good talks no that's when when we were doing game that game day hits and all that stuff and I went down. I was the first time shelly his wife. It's the first time I knock on the front door. I didn't know where to go. She opened the doors like all right. We you and I need to talk before you can go to all this TV. He stuff like okay. Yes ma'am Sunday. I loved I loved him. It's not just you know I just about the draft stuff. She's like all right. I just need you understand tvos like a son to me and I didn't like all the negative Gasman expand sorry awkward. Did she apologize for you being right no no never do that. Do they. All good nine. Oh I feel like I didn't really ask him about the SEC you have before. We let you go one. Sec Eh observation something real juicy. You haven't even share with anybody yet I don't know whether it's a talent thing you know. Bam was get six of the top twenty twenty in your in your latest first round thing. I don't know if that's really interesting because I'm not going to sit here and say this is most Calicut Bama team or all these different things but Gimme a sense sense of yeah. Just give me something. I'm I'm not even asking a question the best todd mcshay. SEC take is the same stuff man six Bama players in my cop twenty anyone thirty two players drafted in the last three years ten last year twelve the year before and ten the year before that and they still go have six in my top twenty one. It's it's just insane and I are. Auburn's got one with Derrick Derrick Brown defensive tackle. LSU's got one with a grant Dalton to safety they got you unless you get to a Christian Fulton cornerback Georgia's along with the with the Andrew Thomas the offensive tackle obviously from his down a little bit but somewhere in the top forty. It's just I do think Auburn's a little bit better than people think it's going to be bone ickes thing yeah and I'm GonNa keep getting better her Jimbo's. Tim is going to recruit well there. He's got a lot of resources. Let's put it that way the water resources when I looked at your top ten because I'm going to Judy love. 'EM DELPIT love him. A kudos love them chase young. I freaking love. I Love I mean love and that. was you know getting to see him in person tax or anyone I to me. He was a sideline guy so that was like okay. I'm going to watch him him and watching him from the sideline. It was another experience altogether and his motor yeah. I always think it's a little unfair. Not Consistent motorists like are you run into another dude. Seventy plays plays and tell me how locked in you're going to be every fucking snap we're allowed to swear on this podcast but when I when chase like he's going then I look at herber and then Derrick Brown you just mentioned auburn see lamb Oklahoma size on top of everything else although stews are wide open all the time Fulton and then rugs like that this top ten it feels at least maybe too early status but this top ten look stacked for next year. It's really good and then a depot from Stanford. Nobody knows about gets overlooked. I'm just looking at the back of the endzone a couple years ago right the corner corner. Yes and I forget the and like made Dylan's always plays and that wanted Paulson Paulson a depot from Stanford. He's like six. Two who long arms and former receiver just makes plays on the ball. Jacobsen is GonNa get in the mix whether you like it or not Ray Kwan. Davis had some bad influences last year. It's been a better better place this year and you know what talk honestly asleep to us about. It and I was really surprised. It was one of the more mature conversations I've had with the player in in my years of doing it like you know I just I wasn't living up to who I needed to be and my family told me and when these are it's one thing for a coach to tell you and your family tells you you're blowing it. You know you start to get it and he's he's a freak man. Let me let you go in this one five years from now from this class the best defensive player in the NFL will be can't show yeah. That's what taught I mean. I'm willing to admit I don't know what as well as you did but the best back I think that would be my bet. I think he's more talented than in both houses just naturally and I think he's starting to learn to hand combat and all the things that the has learned to to become as special they are and you put that combination together if it happens. I think he's going to be break todd. I know we went long here. Thanks a lot dude. I really appreciate you can check out all of his work on. ESPN DOT COM breakdowns and you can check them out every Saturday. We're on the road this week. Waco Texas you WanNa meet me. You GotTa Iowa State of Baylor. I've already been to WACO so I'll have go again. love your. I'll tell you say uh-huh..

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