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More it's easy okay sponsored by account temps and what we have another secular for your drive this morning that's on the northbound side of the one ten freeway just we get this last sentence out that way it's a bus it broke down to is blocking the right lane of the express lanes now the main lines altogether are slow easily Gardena from the ninety one they're pretty solid they're starting at the one oh five in itself that you pass over towards the one towards a one a one southbound side of the one ten south Avenue forty three you're pretty much gonna be on the breaks out of out toward the ninety one if you get into that Gardena stretched seven ten freeway north bound by connections to the sixty east and west they just extended that sailor for another hour so the driver the north on seven tennis have come away from the one oh five south bound by the seven ten says just before the one oh five you'll see the laser out towards the four or five in Long Beach and it heading through tested on the south bound by the fifty five just before seventeenth street thank you to crash there from the left lane looks like the bumper still the roadway so they're working on that but the way started could tell it it's kind of active head over to add injury northbound side of the city by just reduced fees for the seventy three over towards the five and your business is unique so are their staffing solutions turned to their salary professional service for their X. for exclusive access to their full time consultants for your long term and recurring project needs this account temps dot com account temps out Robert half company after traffic I'm Tony Jordan what a four three my at them right so anything very much the weather today cloudy and wet which means rain interesting what is in the forecast cloudy west tends to mid to upper sixties fifty five bullets I don't wanna call you out did nobody nobody knows the chill right support cast.

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