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Well, that's fine. That's fine. If we don't want to go do it and how stop paying taxes then but as long we do pay taxes and we have a Civic show responsibility, that's the point of the government to do stuff for people and not we don't think that's anathema in this country. And and I do as say, it's a glib joke, but it's one with a kernel of Truth as I say early on the book the people who moan about the nanny state are the people who had knowledge. It's like Jacob rees-mogg, etc. Etc. And I find it. I find it strongly and so I mean as you can tell I'm kind of angry about all this, but I hope it's not dead. Angry book. I hope it's more of a I hope it's funny and fist bump on the tables it work it is it Oliver and actually it has it a quality which I can only remember Richard Dawkins bringing about in me before which is that it made me furiously angry as I read it because I agreed with every word of it, right? You know, it made me laugh out loud. He's very funny. There are so many anecdotes and and personal starting point. And of course you frame it in terms of your own life, but it is also a book and the title brings me back to that. It is also a book in which the title is that clear in a statement it sits alongside wire no longer talking to white people about race or kit devolves common people or a car as Natives and I think Pete's book does this month as well in a very different way that you're you're putting your cards on the table and saying right. This is what this book is about and sometimes as with natives or common people the phrasing of the title. Is is reclaiming that which we have calmed it is it is a polemic but it's a it's polemic and and a polemic and it's got interviews. It's got travel in it, but it's not it's a choice an element of memoir in which not not as strongly as Peter's but I think it changed initially when I learned a p a nice books are coming out around the same time. I mean, was keen on US during summer events together, which I'm so glad we're doing this together cuz I did think that although they're coming from different angles. They have quite a lot. There's quite a lot should there's a commonality about the money thing. So now just totally agree, you know, there's so many sorts of things off, you know, it's a stretch but I liked about 2, it's buffee is obviously there is a lot of anger in it, but it's actually it's a very celebratory book as well. Where is it? Like the way that you know, I loved the almost incidental way that there are certain color parts of Birmingham that I found very beautiful as I was growing up in a completely, you know in a way that you don't analyze cuz you're young And and I really loved the way way the Stewart kind of celebrated those same places and you know in the.

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