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You so much for having me. It's a pleasure has gone out there. it's going well. I'm downtown new york city right now. A live in greenwich village. Newark's coming back to life. It's been really kind of interesting to see how resilient every everyone's blend so excited to have you on the show. Your work has focused on the future of work for a long time which even powered through the organizations that you've been a part of most notably human ventures talked us a little bit about what you're seeing right now. Yes oh i. I run a what we call a business. Creation platform and that is comprised of venture fund and a startup studio and we bring in entrepreneurs we work with nora's at the earliest stages of when they're building their companies and we provide tools to be able to create and then we provide financing to be able to to capitalize and that structure is one of the best. It's i'm so grateful to be able to be doing it. Because what you get to do is think where the world is going to be tomorrow into expanding ten years and then you start working with founders. Who think that far in advance and and you give them the resources to be able to just built and so being around people who always see challenges opportunity who always see the world it ten steps ahead. I think is one of most aspiring things to do. Tell us more about that. So how do you pick the people that are in your cohorts who who gets your investment. Who gets your incubation time. You know i think a big pieces of human ventures is that one of the biggest arbitrage opportunities is really identifying talent head of the market and say that because for years and years cloud finance industries in metric capital particular has been really focused on a particular type of entrepreneur and it was true ten fifteen years ago notch for nora had a an archetype but as you know industry start to open up to tack and tech becomes ubiquitous. Every company has to have can bet ease of use customer satisfaction in understanding the efficiencies at technology brings the founder profile changes at the same time the arcs of you know the way that society views companies ed social paradigm apparent shifted so the consumers very conscious about what they're consuming and buying and And then the employee wants to know who they're working for almost their personal passion. Admission is being satisfied for what they're working in. So i think it's become extremely complex to the founder and way to be able to identify them is now becoming more sophisticated so at human we will generally have these that are about the world where the world's going we call it. The human needs economy. So that for us right now is the future digital healthcare and wellness and mental health. And then the future of work and how we are identifying an skilling and reskilling talent and then also communities so what companies are understanding community based healthcare community based products that that drive more than just a transaction but the drive you know that camaraderie and really affinity with a brand. So that's what we've coined the kind of the human beings economy. That's what we look for and then we do calls for founders whose building these areas who were building the next platforms to be able to bring healthcare to underserved communities etc. Sarah and we do what we call a cohort model of entrepreneurs in residence. And you like this jeff so internally. We used to say this person starting their next company. They're in the wild. They're in the wild and so we just figured why don't we actually name that. So we have a program called humans in the wild. It's what happened when a founder and if you're found are you you resonate with us because you are ensured You're saying they're saying i need to. I need to think of the next the next thing because naturally if you're a founder once founder always hungry you will always think about so when you get a group of people who are building together it creates one ten creates incredible energy totally you get this ecosystem affect you get this like our liberation is bound up together shared experience same team in same dream kind of vibe where everybody's sharing resources which when you go from like being a lonely entrepreneur to having any sort of reason for this kind of overlap with the preneurs feels like in an unbelievable wind behind you i really you know. The old saying rising tide lifts all boats it so true and the dynamics of having shirt experience creates a trust and bond that then as people have success and failures you you have this really trusted network and it takes the burden off of being alone when i also kind of like this. Ecosystems approach as like an investor too. Because you know not all companies work out. But you're making a big investment almost like helping fund a phd for these founders in like business experience right and so if you can either invest in their second or third company or repatriate those talent in resource pools to the other organizations that are inside of the ecosystem. I imagine that has a really positive return to for the fun. And and i guess that takes me to my question. Like the putting my heartless capitalist pig had on you know. How does this pencil like this. You know a lot of people who are investment professionals see impact investments in air quotes enroll. There is tell us how this works from a return profile. Yeah a lot of great things. I think you're you're absolutely right. That ecosystem is what you invest in early stage you do. This right will invest in the next three things. A founder does that. We love because to likely won't work out. You know but those founders have had those learnings so paid for them. You know again to the impact question. We specifically didn't call it an impact company when we first started. Because i think that it's become just the status quo. You need to have some sort of a mission or purpose driving. What you're doing if you're building something from scratch this you know the the trials and tribulations to to Great to not have something that drives you through those times and when you have a very coherent underlying set of values our mission you're able to attract unbelievable talent you're able to rally you know investors clients and customers behind something that otherwise people might not feel such an affinity towards so for me. I think it's a term investment play. It's less of a liability in makes the company's much more defensible as they grow so from purely capitalistic standpoint. If you're not thinking about anything altruistic louis. I think that it's it's just smart. Investing able to invest. Where do you think the state where the puck is gone. I like it. You hit me with a gretzky reference schedule. You must be a deadly fundraiser. heather. I have a. I have a total. You know. turn in the conversation that i wanna take. I'm curious just you personally. When did you start. Meditating question. I started meditating when i was five years old five years old. Okay so unpack that. How is that definitely can't take credit for that My parents so drew like mom and dad. I'm super into this stuff. This is a guy named maharishi the game independently..

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