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National conference center in Loudon county the Dulles expo center in Fairfax county and George Mason University in the city of Fairfax prince William county executive Chris Martino says sites where they could have the greatest number of beds located within a reasonable distance to the hospitals those are filling up hospital beds would be implemented at the Hilton garden inn off I. ninety five in Woodbridge a George Mason graduate student Norman the Manassas area and additional facilities at GMU in Fairfax hospitals don't have extra doctors nurses or technicians to staff the facilities though and there are still supply shortages so the states looking at options like the National Guard or volunteers to get these open over the next few weeks or months Max with WTOP news all the states and the federal government are still looking for ways to distribute hospital supplies that are needed to save lives and protect hospital workers Larry Hogan concedes that the states to the federal government are competing on the open market for the same limited supply ventilators and personal protective equipment for hospital staff the bottom line is there just aren't enough to go around for what everybody desperately needs and we've got to figure out the best way to to fix a really bad situation Hogan says the system is needed to share the limited but critical supplies in an interview on C. span governor Hogan said dramatic improvements have been made in corona virus testing but not fast enough we still got a long way to go Dickey only on double you T. O. P. news more than thirty six million dollars in emergency funding was approved to deal with the impact of the corona virus outbreak in Montgomery County Montgomery County council voted on a number of emergency.

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