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Davenport is a guy in a in a in a draft with no pass rushers he was the second best guy behind bradley chubb marcus davenport has an elite skill set he wants to be great he's got the right frame of mind people say well he's jumping from that level of this level all i can say is he can get after the quarterback and he is tremendously long and athletic he can close like a cat marcus davenport is the one that you're talking mid first round that could have been back in january hung top five so there you go davenport watch him he could be defensive player of the year interested to see late in vandross for die for dallas yeah there's some durability some teams dropped him because of the the neck injury and but you know it comes out of boise state he's got unbelievable measurable 's i liked his tape i didn't love parts of his tape i thought a little bit late shooting guns if you will diagnose quickly and gets there but doesn't making tackles two three yards down to three yards into the ron versus at the line of scrimmage where roquan smith would have made them and is a little bit tight in terms of change of direction skills but they love him and they their defense drops off when when they have injuries at the linebacker position the dallas cowboys needed a guy like this i understand the pick but i'm interested to see if he plays the level that would a nineteenth overall picture shaun evans was still on the boxster real quick background bam the mock draft the next big coming up how many defensive lineman will be in the top five nick bosa at oliver and how many de lima from clemson the first round top ten players defensive lineman offense a players are quarterback drew lot missouri right wide receiver dray brown ole miss and offensive tackle greg little sick this guy is on this started on on monday about mel mike right right on monday this guy is starts on top five running backs you running back so you running back when you do mock draft when's your mock draft coming up say it hasn't stopped every single i mean we have a draft coming up i'm talking about last week.

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