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John corby show use radio 610 wtvn two well searched of june the pretty momentous day when you look at today in history in on his dad seventeen ninety nine american order patrick henri died in virginia at the age of sixty three a gained thirty three is kind of technology andrew jackson became the first us president to ride in a railroad car on this day june six eighteen forty four the young man's christian association later known as the y m c a was founded in london i won in america was founded in eighteen fifty one it's pretty big deal i can think this man for the jeans more in 1815 on this day levistrauss made his first pair of blue jeans which is pretty big deal might think boo on this one and 1930 to the first federal gasoline tax was and acted the tax was one penny per gallon of gas now quaint nineteen thirty three on this day the first drivein theater in the united states opened in camden new jersey and then the big one today on this date in nineteen forty four june the sixth thousands of allied troops invaded the beaches of normandy france the event which later became known as the day marked the beginning of the defeat of nazi germany by allied forces in world war two the invasion was of success and germany surrendered less than a year later and on this dated nineteen six d aid senator robert f kennedy died at a los angeles hospital a day after he.

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