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Ben Always good is with you. How are things there are some chiefs players who might need to call Anderson Water Keti after some of the parade they stole from the Blue's right? We got a call him out. They got down there Off Their floats and walked around that that has to be the way it's done. I mean when people saw how how awesome the Blues Parade was that Interaction Action. I think the I don't know that the chiefs said Hey. We're going to do that because of the blues but that is the way to do a parade but yeah a Lotta bought a beer drinking in public lot of a lot of shot. Gunning Travis Chelsea I think is probably still drunk so you know if you if you have a night that gets out of control a little too crazy will you know the guys to call. Sto Criminal Defense Dot Com. They probably should have been there and they would've had plenty of clients I remember talking about that with Al macinnis about the parade and I saw him probably two weeks afterwards. In from my time with doing the blues have gotten to know all very well and I said you know. What did you take away from this great run and all that stuff and he said man the parade he said that is now the gold standard of how parade rate should be done with a city and with their fans and he said it was so spontaneous with our players he said I thought it was awesome? It was the best parade I've ever been to. It was fun to watch portray Angelo. Get you know because he was up on the Budweiser wagon like he had triplets. He didn't know that he was riding the wagon. He was trying to figure out what to do. And he's eventually just said forget it and he just gets down. He was barely early on thing and everybody I think kind of followed his lead so yeah cool moment happy for Kansas City I had a hard time kind of going full chiefs bandwagon. Just because of the the way that Clark Hunt voted. I'm it's hard to forget that I know he since said he didn't want the rams to leave but hard to not be happy for Andy. Reid not be happy for for Pat Mahomes Hard to not be happy. Happy forget like spags. WHO's a two time superbowl champion as defensive coordinator? Didn't work out for him. Here with the Rams but nice to see him bounce back I wanNA get into baseball. We Steve Carlton Keith Hernandez Tommy. Her Matt Morris Edgar Renteria Lee Smith John Tudor as selected by the Red Ribbon Committee. Out of those seven fans. Vote to into to the cardinals hall of fame. And they'll be inducted in August GimMe your impressions of of that group. I think what has to happen. Is it's time for Keith Hernandez to get in and then after that. Take your pick nick and there are a lot of good good candidates there but Keith Hernandez needs to be in. If we're going to have a Carl's fame Keith. Hernandez needs to be in it. Whether you want to look at things like did he win. A World Series yes Look at his wins above replacement. Easily the top on the list during those guys times with the cardinals. You WanNa look ups. I mean I did. This an looked up stat for this when the the finalists came out Keith Hernandez his opiates during the chunk of seven season. Chunk with the cardinals and he was playing every day. It was top top fifteen in the game among guys who had more than three thousand at bats during those seven seasons you look at first baseman top three and you know one of the other guys is a hall of fame in Cooperstown superstar. This is a player who was a key figure for cardinals team that went on to win a world series of beloved cardinal team. I know it didn't end the best. They had to trade him. There was a lot of stuff going on with Keith Hernandez with baseball at that time. And he's talked a lot about that but to look back and say man. It's time to honor that that guy for what he meant to that team what he meant to cardinals fans I think it's I think it's crazy that he's not in already so get him in. And after that I mean you can make a case for a lot of different guys. I like Matt Matt Morris underrepresented as as a horse for that cardinals rotation for longtime Keith Hernandez has to get it. Yeah this is great. It's it's a debate And the cardinals the you know they. They love the debate that goes along with it. And that's what makes this fun I had the chance going over to one zero one. ESPN and for folks. That don't know I've signed on with them officially officially to do some coverage of baseball and David freese popped in and I was remiss I I wanted to ask him about this because I brought it up a lot on the air. I don't know if they'll ever make that committee. You know to get to that point but he does fit the criteria to be a cardinals hall of Famer. I gotTA wonder if David Freezes is is going to go in there one day but to the ultimate point of what I was trying to say here with you is that it brings up debate. It brings up research. That's I think a good thing absolutely and it really. I don't get fired up about it too much. Because it's for the fans and it gives them a voice you know. Put Mark Maguire in and they decided to do that. They get the vote so they did it a good good for them. I don't agree with Mark Maguire. Then we can debate that all day but again it's for the fans but man. There are a lot of folks out there Dr who remember Keith Hernandez what he did for this team. What he did for for that world series team we did for that run and out? Can you not think that he's a cardinals hall of Famer so I think it will happen. I think it was really close Last year I think this is the time. I also think that when you look at Keith Hernandez you cannot overlook what he meant meant defensively in some believe. He's the best defensive first baseman ever not just really good ever like. He's the gold standard. Like forget how many consecutive gold loves was it was I think six I mean it was Remarkable and then also the the bat now not the staggering homerun totals that you see now but I mean his on base percentage was damn near your four hundred. You know this guy was an all around player on a team. That did all the things. Well I mean people laugh at me but you know I kind of compare. This current cardinals knows team to as close to that version of of Whitey Ball. That we've seen now no one's going to look like why'd you ball in two thousand twenty. The guys get paid to hit a home runs and and and the game has changed the ball. You know the the actual baseball has changed since then but in terms of playing good defense running the basis well being aggressive on the base pads you no. This team has some of those elements and they both have really good first basement to absolutely So you like potentially Matt Morris. I think he's been out of the spotlight so much that that hurts him. But he is deserving for sure In the other guy that I think there's two that really come to mind for me out of this group that I think will get had a lot of attention. Was John Tudor. Because of few look at the body of work that he had for three or four year period. It's it's unbelievable. It's some of the best pitching that the cardinals have ever had. And then the other one is Tommy. Her who was kind of the glue in some ways that kept everything going with those great teams. You had willy. You had Ozzie yet. Pendleton handle ten yet. Jack Clark you had tutor but in the middle of it all was Tommy. Her and that's something that I think doesn't get its recognition men and maybe it will now in August long run with the cardinals to certainly has people who view him as a fan favourite still in some ways kind of similar to a younger generation. eguren Korea I mean I can remember being a young guy in Sedalia Missouri watching cardinals baseball and and you know was dude so I think there are a lot of if it skews younger. I think you could see him. Get more votes than I think. Some people think so again to me. It's Keith Hernandez and then it's really fascinating conversation in the group after that but to the bigger point and we'll wrap it up about The hall of fame with this. It's the cardinals hall of fame. And I think some people are saying well. You can't put some of these guys in because they don't have hall of fame numbers offers exactly but they may have the heartstrings pulled on a certain fan that wants to vote even see him in and that's the part of this it makes it fun and this also goes the other way where it's not just that you could because you were a hall of Famer in Cooperstown means you get into the cardinals. Holiday mean Lee Smith. Now you can. There's no doubt about that. Lee Smith is a Cooperstown Hall of Famer Summer In a lot of people say well how could he be in the cardinals holiday if he was a hall of Famer will was he a key player for the cardinals totally. I mean they're they're shutdown lockout closer but he also most of his career was with with the cubs his best statistics. You know were were with the cubs. So I don't have a problem saying hey that guy's a hall of Famer but not necessarily the cardinals hall of Famer. Let's continue with the cardinal conversation Two quick points I WANNA get into. Nolan aeronautics so he's still with the Colorado rockies this time next week. The cardinals are on the field in Jupiter and and getting ready pitchers and catchers in a lot of the guys are already there What do you think happens with that in terms of where the cardinals are with that? What do you think happens? Well I think all eyes are going to be on Arizona to see kind of what the next chapter of the Nolan. Aaron Auto Saga is and we don't know how that's going to play out now. Usually when a star player comes out and criticizes this is is the general manager publicly. Doesn't bode well for the long term future. That doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be smoothed over Nolan Aeronautica pro the Iraqis rockies could make some sort of an apology or they could try to smooth that out. The other thing that I think is probably more likely to happen. is both sides kind of go out of their corner and the rockies figure out if they can compete this year a lot of things go away when the team wins and a lot of things bubble up when the team doesn't play well absolutely so if if the rockies come out on a tear and they're you know they're looking like they're going to compete in the postseason. I bet this calms down. If they don't and they look like the team that everybody was disappointed in last cheer. Then I think you'll hear this. No they're not trade speculation. Continue to be a big topic before the trade deadline but spring training when the Rockies Tarazona the comments he makes their the comments that are made from the front officer. They will be kind of a weathervane. I think in which direction this is moving. And we really don't know yet until till that point comes if he's in the clubhouse grouse in every day after practice about why they won't get rid of him then that's unsustainable you know that's GonNa wear on teammate. That's going to get people frustrated. Did if he says. Hey I'm ready to put this behind me. Let's go in and they do then. This could potentially go away the other thing that could happen that no one talks about is they could fire the GM. I mean mean British is not there forever. He's not He's not set in stone. That would be one of the perhaps the easiest ways to sort through this. If you were determined to make Nolan Aeronautic happy and keep them will that happen. I don't know I mean. We have to see what kind of what what the reading is on on spring training. We're coming to you from the Lou Fuse Automotive Studios on scoops Danny AMAC DOT COM Lou fused dot com.

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