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Thing happening and didn't he have a um may i hope on their thinking of of libya could different cartoon cross in your car to later years we didn't have the sort of this thing that you'd you'd wind it up and then great people jump around like was at him was was that penny so so he was there and then mumba lee who is a kind of a bumbling character and it goes of a good dog kinda thing to snickering dot from wacky races towards fellow hannabarbera creations anna empty that he was in a laugh olympics to what am i this was one of my favorite that would watch this all the time nine at nine o'clock on abc i don't remember the time period i remember sitting there but jabar jaw it was a shark with a big mouth and i asked me he was kind of a like a fast talking shark yep who found himself i don't know he's always in the water but she ever go he was a dead dynamite was a robotic version of scoobydoo joins the cowardly great dane for an hour midseason the show is linked to an hour after this was than than the kroft super show different segments including wonder bug they would should beach it speed buggy was i remember speed by on him yeah know that was a the same group did the banana split to dr shrink earth do you remember dr shankar he was a madman with an evil kinds shrink gray now that's one i don't remember dagger oil super super sales sales cartoon though he said well a blend of you know your your actual human beings would be sales if you remember him he he was a comedian wasn't any you was okay legendary kids show host and to be pires to be sales with host young people competed in wacky games for scholarships and merchandise and then here's this is it right the the same people here for the saturday morning cartoons where it was all of their is like 10 celebrities they were on every single game show whether which match game or well there was hollywood sawyer is he had marty on phyllis dillard joined werleigh aid the go to leslie in warren avery schreiber dan nuts liz tourist jacqui cooper vicky lawrence and and.

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