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Yeah all these chaos Alice in every way and that every year on this you can hail all and you just fine she she will pay off like that I own a nonstandard they put their players in college you have or produce stage which rang for every day right no no no she's ninety six why went up well what I pray the little ninety six is a good role you read a four to go for a girl but she ran a state you want and I want to and you have a funny way of looking at life right where you said you know if you try to be as well I just talked to well I mean I'm not able to honey yes a hundred four more years four more years to be on a trial well let's hope not hope for that yeah and there you know we the Bradley laying all get out and vote right you know they voted Rydell Bommel run any voters what do you think we can do to rally them up to get out yeah because we might be going to war sister Odell I'm not going no where we not you personally yeah we know what we need to do a pray for peace okay right now you grant me if you want to you want your paperwork yeah you want to introduce with come we have struggle where you know I'm I'm going to do is to set up a time to time a predicate yesterday bring along we already pay what do you do that please yeah okay sting bombs we'll be back to do.

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