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Scorekeeper Gretchen working a. and let's continue with the round of voices from Vermont. considering how diminutive this state is it certainly contributed more than its share to the quotation anthologies for ten points each just name the famous Vermonters most frequently associated with these famous phrases some of which we acknowledge could well be apocryphal. Caroline I thought apocryphal lived in New Hampshire. he's the embodiment of the slogan westward ever westward and in partnership with another American Express co founder he certainly helped move things in that direction American Express co founder. Horace Greeley says the writing on Barry's note pad I believe very is probably quoting go west young man which is a fine quotation this particular one is westward ever westward and is less likely to young people and man. so so this was a woman. it really wasn't. I'm pretty sure I started the what the sentence with he's. thing to to. for ten square tens really. there is a bit of a clue in there the part about he certainly helped move things in that direction Pony Express no but because he and his partner started a business to move things across the American west wells or for or farm it was Henry wells who was born in Vermont. seven points with blue..

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