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I'm starting heating and air conditioning company with one service deck. Sharon's heating and air conditioning today employs over 100 service technicians New office and Voller Ville, Michigan. Current office in Westland, Michigan. They're good. They've always got a special going on. Give Sharon's heating and air conditioning a call 7344 to 5 14 15. That's 7344 to 5. 14 15 Gertrude from Rochester is in the ad deck circle. We want to invite you to join the line up and give us a call with your question. And right now is a good time to do it. Here is the number 800. 8590 w. J. R 808 590957 this morning. The WJR Control room controller is Dave Kingpin rigor and I'm happy to be helping out as well as your humble show co host. I am Donald. Hammer. Schuster and we are just moments away from the next segment of the home. An appliance show with consumer advocate an appliance doctor. The doctor is in the house. Joe Gannon and the Great Voice of the Great Lakes. 7 16. W J. R Did me Buying a home can feel like navigating uncharted.

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