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Are you going to handle the guy pushing on your poke in you're talking to your ear a guy it's different and what happened in the play offs there's risers and their sinkers and indie indiana's sinker and toronto's a sinker milwaukee's sinker and washington a sinker in atlanta got three chances and whiffed each one against lebron there a sinker and indiana should be winning this series lebron is totally on the ropes last night indiana shot a much better field goal percentage had more assists more steals more fast break points more points in the pain paint and lost and had the game lead by the way ten in the first half seven at half and lost and lebron is having as good series as he's had in years i mean the numbers are just absolutely remarkable and here's my thing is that i am so over eastern teams that lebron is an on that's why philadelphia so exciting for me one of the things you find out in the nba between the risers in the sinkers the risers doesn't take years to get there ben simmons i playoffs oh he's a riser victor ola depot oh he's he's a sinker victory depot hasn't shown up donovan mitchell first time in the playoff oh he's a riser and by the way guys that rise in the playoffs they magic johnson they rise early in their career the middle of their career dwayne wade and at the end of their career then mean they always win the series but the nba playoffs are physical it separates players and they're going to have risers and you're going to have sinkers the eastern conference it's a black white movie i'm ready for color it's a movie and i'm ready for a new plot twist like everybody wants lebron philadelphia might take away his you think the east is dominated by one guy now what are they going to be like if you put lebron with embiid and in saric in belen ellie and ben simmons like really that's that's fascinating to you i mean so indiana i could blast indiana they have had this series but you know indiana is indiana is washington.

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