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One hour and forty seven minutes into the trading day tech stocks slumped in the united states on friday and that's spilling over into europe this morning with the tech sector leading the way loa looking at some individual indices we are seeing the footsie100 off by a third of a percent the geico dogged by six ten so upset the hi banks in spain the biggest lie god if we look across the european equity spectrum off by more than one percent this morning asian indices have also been led lower by the tech sector with the embassy i asiapacific index and now declining by threetenths of a percent looking at european fixed income the italian 10year yield is declining by seven bays this points this off to the fivestar movements suffered setbacks in local elections over the weekend and also as the prospect of a snap election this seemed to be diminishing in italy the french 10year yield also under pressure off durham under among all became on coal sold was set on a course towards the majority in the first round of the legislative election in that country we are seeing the french 10year yield now spokes 61 born the sense we see the 10year treasury yields meanwhile a increase somewhat trading at two point two zero zero the sense that being said we have actually seen the previous gains so for the 10year yield actually come all for being pegged back slightly looking currencies the blue bug oldest spot index on the backfoot today off by a tenth of but said this as the euro in particular is the advancing here by a quarter of a percentage point to with your doling out to one spot twelve twenty one that's a bloomberg radio.

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