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It's crushing candy getting boring do you want to try something new well i know something better you have to play the hit puzzle game best fiends that sweeping the nation you won't be able to put it down if you're looking for something new or just tired of the same old boring match three game then play best fiends right now it's fun to play by yourself or with friends and family believe me you won't regret it so download best fiends for free on the app store or google play right now that's friends without the our best fiends lots of people are tweeting me about this one bobby bones post show pre show so amy now the only two in studio right now because nobody else left here i'm here just walked in what was happening was we just recorded with david lee murphy for next week and his sons going number one next week hopefully i think it's at number three right now and so he was leaving the studio and so when you hear next week you know it's recorded but who cares right what a cool dude but everybody was always the nicest guy right yeah so nice yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so we did that we're back today after for me it was a long weekend because in nashville at cea may weekend meaning every artist is in town every event is in town and you kind of have to go to things and for most of the time i have to go to things because either raging idiots or the book but nothing really corresponded with that so i just went out and did things for friends the whole time which was a bit nice i wanted hosted laurynas fan club party and hosted luke bryan thing on on a stage and i did mattie poppy american idol to that so i was still out but i'm glad it wasn't about me it also looked like you're just relaxed out there one of the pictures i saw you were in your slide slide so what you call oh on sunday i went out was sunday.

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