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So maybe what you do is you have Kyla Murray, maybe drift. Kyla marie? And you go the boys more ravens route. And you pick the quarterback who's going to run that run and pass. Or maybe you take Joe flacco haven't come down forty miles money house you lie manning, you wait for Alex Smith in a sense that you welcome him back when he's ready, but you cannot count on him. So the answer is you move quickly laws quarterback. There's some franchises that we've talked about on this air who have already named put together a depth chart and named next year's starter. That's right. I mean, people do that. It's ridiculous showy. But in the Redskins case, Tony they haven't had. When is the last time? They. Had an entrenched quarterback. It's been a while. It's they thought Alex Smith would be that guy goes Griffin was not and cousins he was a flash. By the way, I've just thought of this USB who should coach the Lakers. You only have to go fifteen feet, Jack Nicholson. Jackson, the games, he still paying attention. That'd be craving. Lebron both in the same movie business. Nickell Robey Coleman your boy. Yeah. The same Rams cornerback who should have cost his team spot in the Super Bowl with that uncalled pass it appears filthy New Orleans did a whole lot of mouth off to Bleacher report about Tom Brady slowing down. He would go quote age is definitely taken a toll. I think he's definitely not the same quarterback. He was movement speed velocity, arm, strength, whatever he was doing because of his age and all that he's not doing as much of it anymore. Close quote, Tony. These fighting words, are you? Okay. With some of this assessment. It is very possible that everything this gentleman says is true. And that he's seen it on film. Very possible. You have to be crazy to say out loud to Tom Brady, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan are the same person they need to invent villains. And they need to play against these villains. My one would success, Michael Jordan famously did this. He invented quotes that he thought the Bradford Smith Braford said about him and destroy them in the next game. A little Bradford says said nothing in the car this guy. Said it Tom Brady who remembers every quarterback was drafted ahead of him nineteen years ago is going to do what he did to that. Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback some years back. He's going to target them. He's going to score them in any. He's going to run down the field employment at him. Well, Mr. Robey Coleman will be fine. If he's simply guests the protection of the zebras that he got. No. Is there Superdome? If he could just interfere with every patriots receiver. He'll be fine. He can turn around and point to Tom Brady. But in the meantime talks, and I really don't Tony. We're into period. Now, we've got six days a nothing. There's nothing coming out of Atlanta. And you know, one of the teams New Orleans, I'm sorry as New England and nothing's gonna come out, and they win anything say boot because the coach will bench them forever. Even if it means not playing, that's right. That's right. This nothing is going to come out of here. That matters six days of nothingness in insane talk. But I I expect Tom Brady and the patriots win the game as ralian open has come and gone in the middle of the night. Naomi osaka. Became the first woman since Jennifer Capriati in two thousand one to back up her first major win with a second straight major win and Novak Djokovic shredded Rafael Nidal to when his fifteenth major and his third row as he now goes to Paris for the joker, slam wilpon, which is the bigger deal Asaka. Tony tennis needs some young stars in these the one I'm not seeing the missile Sokha can carry it. But you gotta start somewhere. I mean, it'd be great. If tee off oh in his twenty first year sort of breaks out. He's got a couple of more guests the return of so. Yeah. Okay..

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