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Protecting is making sure that people actually get registered to vote that they can vote that they know their rights that they are formed to make decisions and all those things at that's a part of the work. So we're proud to be a part of the coalition and proud of the coalition's work to not only get the petitions to even get on the ballot to successfully pass it on the ballot. And now to continue organizing to make sure that people actually register in in the next election that they can vote that has the power to really change what the electorate looks like in Florida. My news is from the Herald Tribune in it is also about Florida's broken tinting system. So Florida's one on the places that has a point system for to calculate sentences. And the reason they transition to a point system was to sort of try and weed out the variability and people send this idea that like if there's. It's a point system. We can sort of say that the people in one part of Florida and Pensacola will see receive the same sentence somebody in Miami or key west regardless of their gender their wealth of their race. But the helter be and actually did an incredible review of tens of millions of records and to stay databases one that was compiled by the state's court clerks and the other that was the Florida Department corrections, they reviewed over eighty five thousand additional criminal appeals AMRO through boxes, of course, document and a host of other things including talking to legal experts, and what they found is that the point system actually has done nothing to stop the disparities if anything it's a reminder of the proof of the spirit, he's exist. So what they find is that when people get the same point in the formula, which means that they should get the same sins that black people are sentenced, far, greater they spend more time behind bars, and they're actually no consistency. Even with the point system. They also found that the warrant drugs exacerbates the disparity, so. Target black neighborhoods using drugs as we had a funnel people into this system. And then once court judges are tougher on black drug defendants every step of the way that nearly half the counties in Florida since blacks convicted of felony drug possession to more than double the time of white people. Even when their backgrounds are the same even on the court itself that blacks are sixteen percent of Florida's population and one third of the state's prison inmates. But fewer than seven percent of sitting. Judges are black and less than half of them. Preside over serious felonies and white judges in Florida sends black defendants to twenty percent more time on average for third degree felonies and black judges the data shows give more balanced punishments. And the last thing I'll say just from a data perspective is that across Florida a white and black defense score the same points for an offense jetties give the black defendant a longer prison. Stay in sixty percent of felony cases for the most serious. I degree crimes. Jetsons. Blacks is sixty eight percent more time than whites with identical points for burglary. It's forty five. Percent more for battery. It's thirty percent more. So I just brought that up because you know, people talk about moving to risk assessments. They talk about moving to appoint based systems as a way to to radically the injustice into like streamline and to make sure there's consistency. The Florida data shows that in the absence of any accountability for judges the point actually don't necessarily on their own actually doing anything and in Florida. There's almost no accountability project. So when the newspaper reached out to judge they were just like, oh, we aren't we aren't racist. This is what people deserve even though the data shows that deep disparity. So it's adding the data say is is a word of caution. And I am interested in what you guys Inc about it. I think there's two separate issues here. I think the first is the point system itself and how that's constructed. In many cases, we've talked about this in the past year. There will be systems that are constructed in ways that build bias into the calculation..

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