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If you didn't go find the podcast and enjoy it. I've got a lot of Donald Trump to play for you. But I gotta tell you the very first thing of the new year. I want to tell you about his Harry Reid. I am. I'm sorry to report. The New York Times has a story this morning. Harry Reid has a few words for Washington. The former Senate majority leader on Trump Schumer, and why doesn't regret ending the filibuster by Mark Leibovich? And it's Harry Reid is dying. I did not know that Harry Reid has pancreatic cancer. He did not have long web. And so he sat down with microwave of issues really one of the more talented people out there. And eventually they got around to the fact that it was Harry Reid new has created. The biggest legacy for Donald Trump to supreme court justices. Thirty appeals court justices and two more years of a fifty three forty seven Senate that will roll through as many as they can. And in fact, this is my first one hundred times saying Senate majority leader McConnell in the Senate Republican caucus should go twenty four seven they should never recess. They should stay on the floor every day Saturdays and Sundays working on judicial nominations unless and until the Democrats changed the rules and stop being obstructionists or they must employ the Reid rule to change the rules unilaterally, which they can do. I don't mind if they work twenty four seven and keep the role in place. But they can't let they ended last year because of Jeff flake with nominees to the ninth circuit that never got through Jeff flake screwed his own state. He was so bitter about Donald Trump. He did not get a vote. He didn't get anything. All you get with pose. And and it was childish. I mean, really childish, and it hurt the people of Arizona Jeff wakes laugh actors the Senator was to hurt the people bears. So Lindsey Graham is the incoming chairman of judiciary. He's going to be terrific, chairman judiciary. He to set up immediately hearings for every circuit court nominee blow those through and then start the sixty hour clock. So that you understand the problem. Once you get through the hearing process, the committee process and some people don't right. They find stuff in their background. They they drop out whatever. But if you've got a vote from the committee to move to the floor a guaranteed nomination with fifty three senators you can lose one two three they're going to win. So someone might might have a a Jones for you. But it doesn't matter. You have to find two more people to agree not to vote with you. Four more people to stop takes four Republicans to stop a judge. That means these are lifetime appointments with the most important impact on on the Freedom Party. We are the Freedom Party. The Republican party is the Freedom Party. We have to do two things defend the constitution and defend the country. And defending the country means building the Pentagon backup to that level of strength that no one will think about it. I cannot tell you what I read over the weekend coming out of China. There war gaming how to take out four of our carriers at once. It's just a replay of the thirties with Japan with the co prosperity East, Asians fear, and I don't expect the Democrats to wake up to this Warren declared for president yesterday. But here's what Harry Reid said. This is from the league of HP's, the Trump era and retail businesses have occasion, inevitable reconsideration of Reed's legacy and all its contradictions Affordable Care Act, which read managed to navigate past the oppositional tactics of his persistent nemesis. The Republican Senate leader. And now majority leader Mitch McConnell has so far withstood macabre and Trump's efforts to dismantle legislation. Not quite right, Mark. The no one has to do it. The mandate is gone, and it's been overturned by a district court on its way to the fifth circuit. We'll see Ribas also prescient urging the Obama and congressional Republicans to go public about the investigation of Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election. The letter that Republican leaders agreed to co-sign weeks after they were briefed on the investigation did not identify by name. They did nothing or nothing that I'm aware of read said, and that Muller investigation has yet to reveal anything other than the fact that the Russians did in fact hack and smack in distort and confuse and they're not our friends their enemies, if found some collateral crimes they've got nothing to do with Trump Paul Manafort being up to his ears and corruption. And they caught general Flynn an ally. And you can't lie to the federal government. That's a crime. I mean, nothing big nothing related to Trump. Here's the key graph though. But McConnell's and Trump's own most substantial accomplishments today the appointment to the federal bench of an unprecedented number of conservative judges, including supreme court justices who might well. End up hearing a challenge the Affordable Care Act was made vastly easier by Reed's decision in two thousand thirteen to get rid of the filibuster for judicial appointments read remains unrepentant about this. They can say what they want. He told me we had over one hundred judges that we couldn't get approved. So I had no choice either. Obamacare's presidency would be either Obama's presidency would be a joke or Obama's presidency would be one of her wishing to think about that. Harry Reid is saying ObamaCare. Plus, I'm Jordan on the DC, circuit is all their wives to the Obama presidency. Is right. The Paris accord was a nightmare the JCP away with a nightmare the Libyan incursion with a nightmare destruction at the Pentagon with a nightmare. The Obama years were terrible years disaster. You're going to be ranked as the worst present. We get a fifty years or forty years away from this. They're all going to say that was the worst president ever. He was so OWI. Oh, h Obama. Was in over his head. Right. Is that how it went Obama is in over his at OWI OWH Obama is in over his head. That is the title of his years and the metric MSNBC Ben Rhodes, can try and divert attention from that. But it's a new year. Let's be honest and Trump for all of the Mitt Romney took out after Trump in the Washington Post yesterday, basically announcing I'm here, and I might be running in two thousand twenty I have not talked together around me in gosh a year. What he's doing? But that that op Ed tells me that he he might run in two thousand twenty. As a Republican. I didn't think John cage got prayer John's kind of lost his mind, and John Weaver is poisoned him. And anyone that's near Weaver. I've now confirmed to myself, I'm just not gonna have anything to do with Jeff flake couldn't out of shoes tied New Hampshire. He'd get blown out so fast that Romney Rondi would win New Hampshire. He's lived there. Every summer for the last fifty five years, and of course, Massachusetts would go and maybe try and put together a few ticket with Joe Biden or someone from the center laughed and run for a third party bring United States together party. I don't know. I do know that this Harry Reid. Mark Leibovich piece is really quite remarkable. Well, happy new year to all of you. It's so good to have you with us generalissimo, Adam. And Ben say Hello to you. They were out partying hard last night's. They're a little bit woozy. But. It's hard to try and get guys to come in on January. Second after tough, December thirty first Ohio State Buckeye dominated wash university of Washington last night. Now, I know we let the university of Washington huskies come back a little bit in the second half. But it was utter domination. And I think I want all my SEC francino in Georgia and in Alabama, and wherever the FCC is all the places, I think they've got power mostly. You know that Ohio State would have beaten Alabama in round one. And you know that Georgia would have beaten Clemson in round one. So the national championship should they should just go stage at somewhere else, Ohio State and Georgia. But boy, the White House can look he just looked terrific. You also know that this new year brings. An enormous sense of uncertainty about the market. I am not. I am really quite confident. I was looking over at the Wall Street Journal today, and they investors are are mixed over. What might be happening? You know, what's going to go up? You're going to go down that same question on that doesn't matter. What matters if the underlying growth, and the fed remains absolutely convinced as do I that we are going to have finally the benefits of the tax cut. We've had some but people like me. Who have been waiting all year long for their accountant sitcom, how much money they're gonna this year. We have no idea we're waiting for the tax cut because you pay quarterlies when you work for yourself. And so you make guesses in the best the Cam at the new rules have been slow in arriving. And then we're all going to find out what it's pretty good except the people in high tax states are going to be screwed. Really screwed. Now. I'm not in a high taxed anymore. It used to be when I lived in California. So I'm not going to be asked Rudas, California, New Yorkers. They might have little regional recessions, but Texas and Florida they are booming booming. And that is the that is the one lesson. I gotta tell you over and over again, if you wanna boom if you want your life to get better, you want your kids to get better. You gotta become a Republican. Because the Elizabeth Warren platform that she rolled out yesterday when she announced he was running for president that is a nightmare for all of you. You do not want Elizabeth Warren. And by the way, I've got an ears resolution to say something nice about everyone whenever I can't Elizabeth Warren with a great law school, professor at Harvard at the highest level with the best students, and she was thought that by Tom cotton, and by others who had her. She was a terrific law professor, which means you can communicate. And it means that she can listen and have a conversation and be pleasant and live up to the norms and just be smart. She really, really smart, but wow. Is she to laugh listen to now? Wow. Is she to the left, and she might be the nominee? Although I think Bernie Sanders nominee. We'll see don't go anywhere America. There's a lots hat on the first live broadcast and twenty nine.

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