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Kindness am Love loving deeply and reason I wanted to talk about this was because I just read on facebook whereas spending a lot of time that caroll spinney died. And if you're not familiar with the name it may be that you haven't followed followed sesame street very closely but I grew up with sesame street and Caroll Spinney was the voice of Oscar the grouch but even more he embodied big bird was the voice and also was the in the inside of the of that big bird was he was the instrumental in bringing that character to life on the program. And it's interesting that this happened today because I also just recently watched the New Tom Hanks movie about Mister Rogers and both of these men loved loved children deeply. Because you could see it and how they interacted and I don't know necessarily Caroll spinney actually wrote the dialogue necessarily that he said on Sesame street but he really did bring that bird word to life and and actually his in this article. I was reading about him today. His colleagues said Big Bird is him and he is big bird and Dan. Big Bird had this childlike sweetness. and both he and Mr Rogers tackled tough subjects as as well And and I do remember that and again I'm showing my age but When Mr Hooper died on sesame street that You know big bird was trying to wrap his brain around that and and you know was concerned about it and I wanted to know what Let's see I have got in his article here. It says Where where was it? He says Oh Shoot I. I can't find it. Oh there was he says Oh yeah here it is. He says it was a nineteen eighty-three episode. Okay I was too old for that. I must have just seen it on the replace now that I think about I didn't realize that He said he's gotta come back. WHO's GonNa take care of the store who's GonNa make my birdseed milkshakes and tell me stories and it was that his childlike innocence? That is something that we all need to who embody as grownups. More of you know Was it Jesus said you know. Let the children come to me. And he admonished rush does even in the Bible that we needed to be more like children in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Now I've since believe leave. The Kingdom of Heaven is something that we can actually attain right here on earth. It's not necessarily a place that we Go to after we die so I just wanted to just wanted to comment about this today because I I just feel that we've lost a couple people vol- recently well. Am I know Mr Rogers. Fred Rogers has been has been gone for several years. And and I'm just I'm grateful. Now that what he taught taught in particular is being brought back up and that people are paying attention to it again in that kindness that he shared shared with his audience and and that I am the Tom Hanks movie they made a point of Saying this is that and I want or maybe it was even an interview. Tom Hanks I think that I heard is that Fred. Rogers would look directly into the camera so that he was talking directly to the Child on the other side of the television said and I was one of those children. I grew up with Mr Rogers and I I loved that show. I didn't watch. It necessarily take all the time but when I did it really did I did feel safe and secure and I grew up in a household that was not always very safe and secure her. I had an alcoholic father and so things were. You never quite knew what the day was going to look like. But when I could watch mister Rogers neighborhood hood and Sesame Street is well I felt like I was loved and I was part of a family and that these people and puppets said muppets cared about what I thought and they cared about me as an individual and in our world today there's so much craziness negatively and and so much division that it's wonderful when we can pay attention and think start treating each other with more kindness and especially with our children out another thing I was. It's interesting how all this is coming together last night I was reading an article About someone who I think was. She was a journalist and she was actually. I think doing a story on the Tom Hanks movie and so she was watching old. Mister Rogers episodes for research and she has the two small children. There were like five and seven and normally they wouldn't you know they're obsessed with their ipads and you know all the other things that typical kids do nowadays but they got. They came in to get help with homework and started watching the show with their mom and she was so delighted that they really liked it. They they really felt the love. Fred Rogers had for them and and so gave her hope for our future future generations. So what I would encourage you to do today is to find opportunities where you can show someone some some love and show someone some kindness and it doesn't have to be anything major. It could just be opening the door for someone or smiling smiling at someone that you pass on the street and just saying hello. It doesn't have to be a big deal but if we all aw could just extend a little kindness in our everyday lives. What full lives we would start to have as a result because I do believe the more that we give out the more that we receive? It's the law of reciprocity. So I challenge you to do something Nice for someone one today and to keep a hot anti act on it in do some good deeds because again going back to the Bible the the Golden Rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you so let's spread some more kindness and love today in honor of the memory of carroll spinney and Fred Rogers and big bird life. Appreciate you listening to the podcast today. 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