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A name for him it's pretty much all of it that's what allows him to be success as a passer uh when he's a run threat you know if you play man coverage of either gotta put a spy on him after plays on coverage and it is very very difficult when you've got a man sometimes a man and a half on him as a runner it limits she guys you got out and it create spacing and coverage in it makes the passing game that much easier i think there are completely different offenses in a calm and he's a completely different player when he continues his legs advocate is everything to do with how successful you put them in a back mode will you play coverage he's not going to be able to get the ball out on time and make the stake the roads into coverage that's not his game and then i think they're using it right by my running him i i recognize that their risk of injuries you probably need to be a little bit better about sliding at times but that's where the big plays eight they come from him running or the plays that are the byproducts of people were playing is run it will what about the fact that he missed all offseason with the with the uh uh you think he's throwing the ball more accurately now or is it still just the fact bigger and bigger spacing bigger spike bigger spacing so he's many thrown a football a little more accurate amani but but most of his stuffers you know when you've got great space to throw it you know i think it's a big factor you know i don't think he's overly precise but i think he's fairly accurate there's no doubt that the timing and rhythm earlier was a problem but the biggest issue that i see is again if he's not going to run than than he is much much less effective as a player in it makes them much less effective as a passer as a result of it chris carolinas' spends the number one overall pick on christian mccaffrey were more than halfway through the seasonal he's m is mike shula utilizing christian mccaffrey properly there yeah no i think he is it's tough again because you're dealing with a running quarterback you're dealing with a guy that's not that doesn't go through his russians all that well and it's a lot of pre design so a lot.

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