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How did you find that? Yeah, especially with thank you very much for taking me down on that. It was quite something I know. It's cliche, but it was palpable. There was a sense that it wasn't there. There was a chair when the Ferraris came. I think something that's appreciated is obviously Formula One can be accused of being a bit sterile, and that plus the championship I've been covering and doing grids on for the last 18 months is formula E so I forgot basically there's a lot of noise and it smells it smells like I told you this the other day. I was like, it's a smell. I just can't describe it. It's kind of like sweaty and oily and fueling and it's really, really weird, but you get it. Yeah, I know environmentally conscious times, but it sticks a fuel and we've got massive pirellis, so it stinks up a bit of burning rubber and it's grayer or adds to it. So yeah, it was a really, really special experience. And I think I'll have to quit the job when one day, if I'm not, if I'm not super excited by God, there's John a lady. There's Jacques Villeneuve talking to Felipe Massa. Oh, is that interesting Fittipaldi if that ever wears off or go, but you know, to see all those guys on the grid was pretty mega. And you get to do it all again tomorrow, Matt. Thank you very much for joining me on the podcast. As promised, thought I will finish with the anecdote about your wonderful rally scores last night. We're about to leave the car park. Now the overnight rain at imola going into essay obviously affected the on track running, particularly in FP one. But it also meant the car park, which is literally a field. It became a bit of a bit slushy very muddy and a lot of people had a lot of trouble getting out last night, tractors were needed to pull people out, including one of our colleagues. One of our colleagues got stuck. Another one of our colleagues saw him stuck, decided to slow his car down and laugh, and he himself got stuck. That was a bit of shadow and Freud are there. Q being ever the enthusiastic driver. I think that's a good apply way to put it. Cars have a rev limit, so you should use all the revs within that limit. And you absolutely did that and you went, I'm going for it. Absolutely gunned it. Colin McRae would have been very, very proud, I'm sure, ran his way right through the mud. Got out to applause from a group of Red Bull personnel, which was very, very nice to see, and yeah, then we got our way back to Bologna, which is what we are about to go and do now. I'm sure there's some pizza waiting for us. Thank you very much for listening. Obviously, we'll be back tomorrow with the Sunday Night full race review of the Emilia romagna Grand Prix and we will see you then..

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