Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Chuck Ross discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


You've got the mueller team and prosecutors saying that paul manafort needs to be put in jail for tampering with witnesses now this is a razor's edge that this russian collusion mueller probe is now walking on where they are essentially threatening to jail manafort they're putting that idea out there that maybe we'll jail you thinking i suppose that they can still try to quote unquote flip him on trodding there's nothing to flip and they know that knows maybe there's something from eons ago that trump did not pay tax or something i mean who knows some crazy something like that but probably that's not even going to happen that's not even the case but why are they saying manafort attempted to tamper with witnesses well the same principle that you apply to everything going on via the mueller probe right now applies here they are tampering with witnesses the mueller team is tampering with witnesses the deep state that launched this spy operation into trump's campaign which we're now dating back to as soon as april i think it's april two thousand fifteen we i i'd have to review those documents one more time but it's all coming out now and then chuck ross has the story in the.

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