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Have no fear T shirts all over the place because I knew my buddy worked for no fear. And they're my buddy knew a guy that works for no fear, and I we became friends. And he gave me all the no fear, Uh, T shirts I wanted. So I had no fear this no fear that And then at some point, I don't know what happened, cause they were they were like big into pro sports didn't really pay a lot of people. It is game gear. And people were the gear around. And then after a while, I guess, the owners said, You know what? We just We just want to go back to what we were, and that's like gearheads. So they got back and the motorcycle racing and And mark motorcross and skateboarding and that kind of stuff that's really kind of what they were, and they wanted to branch out and be be bigger, but it never, really They're not dabbling in a big way back. So maybe you're still around in that community of now I haven't seen him in forever. Forever like them, Member Big dog. Oh, yeah, of course. Big. Absolutely. Yeah. The big Johnson T shirts are probably a little bit of a cross over as well. Awesome. Oh, Oh, yeah. There's another one. Yeah, I love how no fear felt like they had to get back to their core ideals that their core sports of things that you should absolutely be fearful of, like auto racing and jumping motorcycles and skateboarding like way straight away from my normal, dangerous sport. Uh, ideals. We need to get back to that We need to put maybe they went to a different, you know, fear. Maybe they're getting a whole lot of fearful stickers and they're just getting ready to go. Tonto have that takeoff. Nobody fears basketball. Not at all. A matter of fact, it is one of the most least contact late in sports We have out there. That's how I imagine it's that boardroom meeting went, gentlemen, let's get back to the fearful sports, and then nobody ever heard from him again. What if, like a man Would she be cool? Like Nicoletti Mudflaps? He showed up your door step. We should be cool with it. No, you didn't buy him like they just happen to show up. I mean, no, but you know, slow, honey. It's a gift. People are so generous. They love the show. It would be a shame, isolation of the mudflow. This is what you say. This is what you say, right? You look right at her and you say they must have heard Tom talking about it, and that's why they sent it to me. And then see if she and then just stay quiet. See that? No, I can't. I can't. I can't read Tom up in my my web of deceit. I can't do that. No. Maybe Ogden. Maybe throw Ogden Dan. I'm not gonna bring any co workers to buddy puts it a schemes. I'm not going to do that. You know what? I'm just gonna get the damn mud flaps. I'm just gonna put him on. Yeah, not coming to sleep on. What did you guys this couch? Just give me your address. I'll send them and put your boys names on them like they. Yeah, That'd be great. Yeah, Yes. Father's biggest. Yeah, that honey, The boys put me naked lady, but Tom's got an instinct for this. She's got an instinct. He's gonna Mac. Rick Weld's going, You're five minutes away from a bad wager. You have to stay that way. I'm going down that road. Rick Welts Chris Mullen joining us next. Like a lot of warriors coming up here on these sports week, she could be on KNBR, 1045 and 68 ft. This traffic is sponsored by Friedman's appliance. Friedman's appliance has been in the business of giving their customers the best of the best, no matter what, with the top of the line selection of the best value appliances and a team of talented employees, owners prepared to answer all your quest. And you only need to step into their showroom to feel the Friedmans difference. Horrible commute for highway 6 80 from the chilled metal body Traffic deaths way have this injury accidents. The right lane was blocked a truck up on the right side Guard rail north 6 80 Before Stoneridge Traffic is extremely slow from Sheridan and gets heavier closer to that accident scene. There is also a crash in the back of the God. I don't lean too to the shoulder. North 6 80, north of Andretti, Fender benders for the South Bay once on the shoulder, South and 80 before Gish, another in the center Divide South 85 Union and some flowing into the same Matteo interchange the North 1 to 14 92 wreck on the shoulder and very heavy traffic. Still through Vacaville, East 80 from Alamo to Nut tree where there was a fire in the Senator Biden Out of the city. It is packed from Cesar Chavez to the Bay Bridge. This traffic sponsored by Big O tires. The team you trust now through May 31st of participating Big O tires save $100 instantly in sets of four bagel brand tires with paid installation plus save an additional $50 When using your big old credit card, See your locally owned big O tires store for offer details. Nobody outfits golfers better than the Gulf. Bart. We've been fitting golfers.

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