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Wanna watch somebody that you love suffer in that way. Because I already with air traffic control, people don't realize what they do a court. Hearing scheduled this hour for the twenty one year old accused of shooting up a Bank east of Tampa, Florida. Learn that we have at least five victims. People who are essential see murdered the result of his act in this Bank. Bring police chief Carl Hoglund neighbors say they had no idea Xenophon Xavier was capable of such a thing for what I saw I would never allow my nine year old around someone that I thought was dangerous person. And I darn sure did not remotely get any type of inquiry that he was dangerous or do anything to hurt. Anyone say they're working on a motive Russia calls it total disregard for the principles of international law. The Trump administration has recognizing opposition leader Widodo as Venezuela's new leader. Vice President Mike Pence on FOX business network. United States is going to continue to bring the full weight of her economic and diplomatic pressure until freedom and democracy and fair. Elections are restored for the people of Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro has ordered US diplomats out of his country. North Korea's dictator appears to be pleased with plans for a second summit with President Trump CBS is Ben Tracy from Beijing, North Korea's state media. Is saying that Kim Jong Hoon has spoken very highly of President Trump saying that he trusts the president's positive way of thinking and that quote, North Korea will wait with patience and good faith. No date or location announced yet a city in northern California may impose a toll for a drive down the world's most crooked street. KPI X TV's. Andrea Nakano, San Francisco county transportation authority is contemplating the idea of charging five to ten dollars for people to drive down the street five dollars on weekdays and ten on weekends residents in the area are willing to hear out any idea to ease congestion. If you were really really wanted to go and see it five bucks is not that much for per car. But I feel differently about imposing a toll on a public road. S&p futures up three. This.

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