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What's missing there is the per customer service the sound? It's not tap tap tap so you have. I think there's a choice now at five or six typewriters each one a different typeface as though you have a collection of six typewriters you can you type with all ten fingers. Oh yeah yes like without looking. Oh Yeah it's it's sometimes you have to make sure not looking at it so it comes out you know of course if you if you're not above the home keys then you're then you're screwed. Do you remember taking typing class? I never took it. I wish I did. I written all my life with two fingers. Oh that's the worst way to type that there is a number one. It's slow down your estimation. Yeah Sorry Kid. Can we wrap this up? I need to go major. Have to look at the keys as you're doing it and you're going back and forth between what you're typing when you can touch type Which I learned how to do in high school to music to records to make you go more rhythmic. Yeah Because you weren't you only supposed to look at the the the paper not the keys. Ed The records got faster and faster every week. Oh that music would say okay and ready. Dent bump bump bump bump on a space S S S space D D D Spy. You know I'm beginning to understand why I never took that drive you nuts but you in it for five or six weeks and next thing you know you haven't done that and go a. w. k. 's space W K space l. m. e. space. You had to go like the problem is when they put on a Spike Jones record. Then then you got like an acid trip you know. It was like gibberish down with. This is so interesting I mean you. You must have some. When people collect things they get an intimate relationship with the things they collect. Now for instance when you if people have a collection of Stradivarius violins have to play them. Every once in a while to keep them in shape you have to type. When you do what happens with you. I have some typewriters. That are simply objects of art. They sit on a shelf and they're never use but the vast majority of my collection are working manual. Typewriters that I rotate into use so that they all get They all get used in the course of course special typewriters on nothing special about first edition kind of thing my got. I think the most valuable typewriter I have is an oddly enough and IBM selectric. That Leo DiCaprio used in the movie. Catch me if you and it's funny. I went I went to the I went to the prop master after we were done shooting the scene and I said I will give you twenty five dollars for that. Ibm selectric they said. Okay and he took twenty five dollars. We said you know you gotTa have it for free. I'M GONNA give this guy But it's not about who who typed. I have one typewriter. I think that was owned by Mickey Spelane. I can't prove that he wrote anything on it. But I there's a providence says Maki spelane on the typewriter but mama typewriters worth about sixty bucks you know tops and if I sign them they're worth about sixty two bucks tops fascinating obsession to me when you talk about the keys getting into the texture of the paper. There's something about that. That's not mechanical. There's a there's a human element to these machines that I think you see now. Think faster on a typewriter than I did with a pen in my hand or even on even on my lap. That's interesting you're nervous is on the keyboard helping you. I'd rather get going and stick with it then pause and go back and edit and delete. I show you saying in an interview villas movie. That's coming out now that I'm so interested in seeing I haven't had a chance to see it yet. Mister Rogers Beautiful Day in the neighborhood right so I show you say. Is this true that you felt you learn to listen. Better playing Fred Rogers Mariella. Who is the director? Yeah wonderful direct. He's the boss. We were talking about this very thing about Fred's the great power he had and also a defense mechanism to was to listen and not talk. Let the other person let who? You're talking to reveal themselves in the silence as well as from a single question because they have a tendency like for example for kids to meet a kid for the person and say how. How old are you? Do you go to school with Great Hugh in? What's your favorite subject? Do you have a lot of friends at school? Do you like baseball. We don't even give them a chance to answer the question. We just ask them and and Fred particularly with children would. He did this thing and it's kind like he wouldn't even ask them a question he would say.

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