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Texans would have gone off the field. They were not getting off the field. I mean he had the luton had a couple of moments where he looked like a rookie but for the most part he didn't he had twelve incompletions threw three hundred four yards. I mean that's yeah any razov now. For a great run of his touchdown run was outstanding and they ran the football effectively enough. It's sesame statistically. They weren't far off matter of fact in certain categories. Were better statistically than than the texans were. And in truth like i said. I'm just trying to point out. All the people complain about calls they got i counted. It was almost four seconds between the clock. Zeros and the referee not calling the delay of game. When they threw the touchdown pass the fuller. That was it in it by like a half. A second i i i went with thousand one one thousand two thousand three as i started to go down to one thousand four. The ball got snapped and the clock was still zero so they stole it. They they they got. It wasn't kind of a kind of a gift it will now who knows if they'd gone down and scored anyway but it was a major gift because it turned into a big home. Run for a touchdown that should have been five yard penalty and they're fortunate there so and not like oh wasn't that yes. It was a cab back and forth over dole. It was between get to three. Try lifting your arm up when you're going like a referee does count the guy in the back court you'll get your third second almost coming down to your fourth when they finally snapped the ball to my count so the the rest blatantly you can bank play on a passenger ferrets. But that's that is a controllable call which is inexcusable. But fortunately the texans took advantage of it a touchdown so you take them how you can get them. But i i just. I don't know why people are so hung up on band. This team's got players where you tell me if you keep telling me. They got a bunch of good players. And i've tried to hell. I bought into two by watching sample. That pretty good player and that guy's a pretty good player that kind of good and most of them were on offense when you're on of good players and then you get down to it but the the the the sun does the departs while some are a few of them are fine. The some of this team is just is not good. Correct that affect played consistently as bad as not name. The jets in the maybe. I don't know the giants seem to have moments. As far as defensively goes they've played as consistently bad as any defense cowboys include. Catholics actually played better this weekend against pittsburgh but it's consistently awful as any defense in the country in the nfl this year and they're giving us all these yards bad teams like this. There's no way when. I mean if as long as baker mayfield's out there playing this week he's going to feast against them well and imagine the run game two because dave's they're committed to. I mean this is a good that they run the football pretty well in cleveland We'll discuss when we come back about the plan. That i listen to your right if mayfield having one day put it this way. It's easy to be accurate and to to to get put the texans or one of the best teams in the league at if you're having a bad offensive performance to get healthy against the if you want to eat. Play the texans defense. If you're like man i have. I'm feel a little hungry. I need to eat as a player. you'll eat when you're playing the houston texas defense. Everybody in fact they eat so much they stop themselves and they're sick after the game because they got to eat so much against texans defense it and how you can you fix who. Who are you going to get superman and batman an eight available incredible hulks not available either. Who you get. You're not getting any help on defense right now. One guy can't change this defense's might point and quite frankly offensively they're inconsistent to. Let's just say. I mean they'll put a passing yards because they have to. But the offensively watson. I'll scare you and then they'll do some silly stuff. The team will but offensively they. They'll cook points on the board. But you gotta score. Hell they damn near how to score thirty to beat jacksonville. Damn near had scored thirty to overcome jacksonville jacksonville. With a guy who'd never started a football game has life hell. I don't even know if you it. A snap. No not in the nfl going into the season so and he he. He didn't look like put it this way. If i told you this kid started would you have been able to tell me if you didn't know him and i said well how long you think he's been league. Or what have you and you wouldn't have known that it's just a rookie quarterback because he did not have any struggles you know consistently that a rookie supposed to have against a good defense. So i don't know how you know. Eight games all. Yeah i would not like to thank. There's people out there who are bs themselves into thinking. That were a player away. We meaning the texans. We'll discuss next. And how you approach the cleveland browns right now. The approaches survived. It's just surviving. Keep winning now. The colts we'll discuss the division to the colts. Don't beat any of the colts. Winning percentage the teams a colts beat. I think they're winning. Percentages like four hundred. the so. they're not real good against good teams either for the most part They're better team but they're not real good against good to good teams. So and neither is cleveland against pittsburgh and baltimore so that's the similarities. We will discuss next. It's sports talk. Seven ninety going around the league to to a looks. Pretty impressive is young. Quarterbacks are setting the world on their ear man they just every week. It's another one playing great. Football sean salisbury. 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But it's a place you can go play and enjoy the entire experience. The great customer service and the great people at a at a. So if you want to be a member at a place man. Pj's tour players played here right. This is the place. And i'm grateful to be a part of the golf club. Houston dot com golf club of houston dot com. Bill found very this. Is the sean salisbury. Show rolling along. Steve solo pro football focus. Senior analysts at the bottom of this hour Couple top news stories. That are going tony larussa. Dui as the new manager of the chicago white sox obviously refused to take breathalyzer at all that. So we'll see how that happens and what goes down with that. After just a handful of weeks removed from being a a couple of weeks removed from being the new manager named in new manager of the chicago. White sox moving forward and then you have Jeff.

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