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Obviously Brady responsible a lot of them. Seattle 94, Green Bay 92, Pittsburgh 91, New Orleans 90. There's the only teams that have averaged ten wins for the last 9 years. KC, the tyreek thing, I think, through people off, Kyle turned the TikTok camera. Not the real camera. Should I turn a little TikTok camera? TikTok. I think there's a lot of curry 2022 warriors parallels here. Talk about where it's like, in a way, this team makes more sense for mahomes, the same way that 22 warriors just building it around him and just all these guys who knew how to play with them. I love tyreek hill for the chiefs. I respected him. I feared him. I thought he was one of the most incredible deep threats. He terrified teams. He tilted the field. He won games. He won. He won games, the Chargers. He won that game. I'm also a results guy. You know, he played three playoff games last year at 285 yards, three touchdowns. In the regular season. 1239 yards, 9 touchdowns. You can replace 80 to 90% of those stats. If I'm the chiefs, I would much rather have the money in the offensive line and protect my homes and give him time and I can find receivers. We're in like the receiver boom of all time right now. Confine receivers and running backs all over the place. And I think that's I just like how they tilted the structure how now they're going to run the ball more, which is going to make it a little easier for mahomes to find seams downfield versus the way it was before. And I'm in. I think this is the best team. The communication lines in that building are wide open. So anyone can walk into anyone's office and it's a very open place and I will tell you that Patrick Mahomes was not shocked when they traded tyreek hill. Patrick Mahomes was not finding it out from a tweet. Patrick Mahomes does not finding it out from a bottom line ticker. So I assume there were conversations had. And like, hey, here's our plan. Just so you know, this is what we're doing. And I'm sure mahomes is like, gosh, that sucks. Yeah, but what did they find? We'll be okay. We'll figure it out. And they may regret trading him, but to get all those first round picks to add, I mean, we talked about Nick Bolton, this car laughed this, this rookie who is, you know, he was playing water polo in Greece less than a decade ago. He's a first round pick out of Purdue. He's been amazing this training campaign. He's a rookie. Well, that's another, that's another thing for the case with them. You have that one good draft heading into the next season on top of the talent. It seems like they crushed a draft. They crushed your app every year and Brett veach runs one of the best front offices. And it's like, you add car lap this, you add mcduffie, the corner that they got out of Washington, they've got players, Pacheco is going to play a role. Sky Moore is going to play a role. And my whole point is, this is not one of those deals where mahomes is going to feel like his hand is tied behind his back. They love tyreek and to a man. Everyone in that building wishes nothing but the best for him. But he wanted $30 million. They weren't going to be paying him that. And he turns 30 soon. They weren't going to, you know, and you could argue that they're cutting their losses at the absolute perfect. It's tyreek hill going to be better this year. I don't know. I would imagine it's a long shot to say he's going to put up better numbers and be a better player with the Miami Dolphins. What's with the chiefs? Okay. We're aligned. There are ten to one win the Super Bowl in FanDuel. They are plus 6 50 to be the number one seed in the AFC. Which I thought was a fun bet and they are plus one 55 to win the division. Which I think the ads may be dropped, maybe that's like plus one 50 now, but to me, it's Denver, the Chargers and we might as well do the Chargers now. Everyone's in on the charger. Everyone's. Does that scare you? Is your hand shaking as you pass the flag? What do you do? What do you do with the Chargers? Colin coward, I was watching his show. He has the Chargers of the third team out of 32 in the NFL. Chargers have made the playoffs once in the last 9 years. Justin Herbert for all his wonder and his greatness has not been to the playoffs yet. This is year three. They added players on defense. They have a very good team, but I'm going to wait and see. I'm not putting all my chips on the Chargers and I'm not saying I don't believe in staley or I'm not saying that. I don't think that they can get it done in a big spot because Herbert hasn't done it before. Herbert can do it. He will do it. Herbert was amazing in that week 18 game against the Raiders. They're 17 times in the final drive and got them to overtime. Herbert, not a problem. But that's a funky thing, man. And to suddenly crown the Chargers before they can even get over the hump, just based on Khalil Mack and JC Jackson a couple acquisitions. I'm not going there yet. I haven't seen it in the big spots yet and they lose too many games and too many weird ways for me to suddenly say the bad juju's gone. And the coaching thing last year was a real issue for them. First of all, stale is a defensive coach. The defensive way they were getting torched for most of the season. Not a great sign. But then the end of the game stuff, the fourth and short stuff was alarming. I actually think that team probably cost themselves more success. Than any other team last year, there may be Minnesota. Well, we celebrated that stuff early. Like they beat KC in KC and we were like, holy shit, I love this code. And then they play the Chargers on a Thursday night game. I play the chiefs on Thursday night game late in the season. I remember, we were on $1 million picks all in on the chiefs for big. And the charter skip going for it on fourth and weren't converting and we were like, we're alive. And then mahomes will take care of it from there. I've spoken to Brandon a bit this off season, like he knows he's a defensive coach and what happened last year on defense was unacceptable. And that's part of the reason they went not only got JC Jackson, who's excellent and Khalil Mack, who's finally healthy, but also this Sebastian Joseph day, the big man inside from the rams who, not a huge name, and played next to Aaron Donald, but it's a really good player. They believe that they've addressed it on paper, but I gotta see it.

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