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The principal start as a wintry mix before changing to all snow by the afternoon accumulations of six to ten inches expected for most of us before it's over but some places could see a foot or more good morning i'm donavan wins news time at the tone will be five thirty good morning i'm bridget quinn the winter storm warning kicks in and half an hour and we'll be in effect until eight tomorrow morning this fourth nor'easter of march is expected to dump six to ten inches the heaviest snow falling during the drive home new york city schools are closed the allied wer is saying don't travel if you don't have to let's get a live update from the devil devastation station in mineola and ten ten wins reporter carol d'auria carol you're right bridget this is a day for only essential workers and for good reason you will be able to get to work because there's no snow right now but you might not get home the wr says ten inches of more and it will shut down the trains and the system will go into snow clearing mode so it means if you go into the city come back home early that's what eric kavanagh is planning to do he's a carpenter and his attitude is the snow be damned new york i'm a winner baby so all right just grin and bear basically that's what you can do what are you gonna do sit on so again ten inches or more and the long island railroad will shut down carol d'auria ten ten wins live at the mineola train station our carolina coverage with a ten ten win severe weather team continues at five forty and live accu weather coming right up but i had five thirty one traffic and transit on the ones and a good morning to karen stewart good morning bridgette wilson's carol about mass transit i will continue that tirade here on the new jersey transit we've got a severe weather schedule and basically that means cross honoring everything private buses light rail also nj transit buses path trains across honoring nj transit.

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