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The nato summit that wraps up tonight in brussels and as you pointed out in the washington post the british prime minister struggling quote to keep her government from imploding after the resignation earlier this week of the foreign secretary boris johnson can you explain to a use audience how significant the events have been over the last couple of days and what this means for the british prime minister and the conservative party yes this is been a very bad few days for theresa may theresa may game her cabinet for sort of extended cabinet a a a look at her brexit plan that you wanted to propose to to brussels last friday at chequers her countryside state and she thought on friday and announced on friday instead on friday and brief the press on friday that she had gotten support from her cabinet from her government for her plan the more people began to discuss the plan and think about and talk among themselves over the weekend the less some of the the more of of brexit' backers liked it they consider it a two soft of brexit i'm using a quote unquote common rulebook with europe collecting tariffs with europe and then and and aligning regulations and rules and all these other things with the european block some of the brexit tears want like it cleaned seis of split from europe they they're even happy with kind of crashing out of the european union with no deal so they think the theresa may's compromise compromises too soft and squishy and to and to too much of a fudge and not really what they say the voters voted for when they when they passed the referendum to leave the european union back in june two thousand sixteen so theresa may have had a very bad couple of days i she had david davies resign and he is her brexit secretary it has a long ago what's your name but that's what that's what hits his portfolio was and he was seen as a fairly loyal lieutenant for someone who had to be the lead negotiator a mess was going to get out of the european union he left he said on a point of honour he said he didn't think he could represent may's plan boat to the british public and two is the people across the table from him in brussels and so he resigned okay so that wasn't great that's pretty pretty bad it a lot of ways and then followed the hours later bye bye boris johnson leaving theresa may fustrated in as many people are with boris johnson and probably mob as staticy poor sleaze david davide we're talking with william booth he is joining us from london the bureau chief for the washington post and we covered here on c span theresa may's remarks the british prime minister jeremy corbyn head of the labor party when after her saying it took two years to come up with the brexit plan only two days for it to unravel but let me ask you about her standing among the conservatives in her party is her position in jeopardy our position has been in jeopardy since the two thousand seventeen election which she is seen as having bungled the conservative party the tories did not win a majority they had to form a partnership with the democratic unionist party in northern ireland to govern giving her kind of just a narrow number of votes in parliament so she's been weakened from that day that was like last summer and so she's not in a terrible position in part because the conservatives the tories have not really coalesced around a new standard bearer there's not an obvious replacement in the wings that doesn't mean that there isn't someone who would quickly rise up but so the thinking is that that may can hang on for a while among the in her conservative party that the hard line brexit tears still very vocal are not the majority and that she could she could keep keep on keeping on that could change and her phone ability is real i mean the the abella elements the village the more hug brexit tears in her own party of which there are many you know openly threatening her with a no confidence vote they probably have enough people to get that vote but probably not enough parliamentary and to win that boats so so yeah that's not an enviable position for a prime minister in britain it's only wednesday already an incredibly busy week in great britain william booth who's joining us from london his work available at washington post dot com thank you for being with us.

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