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This is as big a yeah, I mean, you know, the kid that Long Island we played on. Oh, we played at Glenn oaks, which is as elite of a golf course as you can possibly play at the place looks like fucking Augusta national. Honestly, if you just want to see what Glenn oaks looks like on drone and on our cool cameras, that's worth the click right there. I mean, it's a very exclusive golf course and I'm very happy and I think we should all be very proud that we were able to get onto that course and film it. I mean, I don't know how many people can do that. For sure. It is a prideful moment. But yeah, Craig over there, the super is just, he's disgustingly good at his job. He used to work at Augusta, and now he works at Glen oaks, so I mean, he's got that place completely dialed in. I mean, section two 21 row AC 5 and 6. I was sitting there for every single game for ten years from when I was 7 to 17. I mean, you're talking about the fact that I'm going to be out there with Matt barzel, Anders Lee Cal clutterbuck and Brock Nelson playing in a competition. Come on, man. That video is going to be insane to rewatch. I mean, Brendan's text me saying it's one of the funniest ones we've done just because these guys are their hockey guys number one, which always just delivers in the banter. And number two, they've played together their whole professional lives. Like Brock Nelson Andrews leave come up together. They've never been on other team. Barzel has never been on another team.

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