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To the middle of the ice and vegas was very aggressive they're defending vegas at two defencemen behind the net they didn't care they just want to have pressure on the puck time and space at this point of the game face off the flurries left he's getting ready he is ready a circle it's brian little and cody eakin he can trying to get the attention of someone about maybe the clock i think that's what he's trying to do before the puck is dropped well the goes unheeded here's the puck drop ican wins it to the near corner mcnabb is there up the near board side held in winnipeg wheeler trying to pass it off mcnabb stabbed that into the corner little has a two wheeler along the boards twenty two seconds remaining they pass it's rolling on it wider the net and noisy here but went back with fifteen he overstates the puck back of his net now it there's ten remaining walk pass ahead snazzy release it into little mcnabb took a hack at it and that one goes out of play and they're going to discuss it but it appeared to have been tips and so no delay of game penalty against mcnabb what one last draw for the jets was six and eight ten seconds remaining and they need one to tie what happened when buffalo was going back for that he thought that it was going to be icing we didn't realize that was his own team that actually shot the puck zone so when he got there really was yelling out on you got to move it it cost about five seconds six and eight tenths remaining face up to marc andre flurries left three to vegas game for little eakin again what is down to the corner mcnabb gave it to schmidt he'll wrap it up the far side riley smith carlson the las vegas golden knights one went away from playing in the stanley cup final with a three two win over the winnipeg jets four.

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