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It's not that there's three billion dollars sitting in a slush on how on earth. Could you make that mistake? I guess we've kind of normalized mistakes is Donald Trump when every half a second, and you even dumber than that. But, you know, t to the to the kind of club, which I thought that was a really again don't want to debase the word brave, but a brave thing to do sure considering it's an easy of laws line and Bernie got so many. I mean, people were like raising their hands at Bernie town halls, and they're like, can we all get Tesla's? Candy corn? And I was like, yes. Is coming in the back, and it's like what agree Agree to? to the right is a everything is still ripe. What are you doing? The Cubans do this, and it's one and club. It's your shoulder hunting. The video. They should fucking scoliosis. That's that's. Credit for like, not doing the not during the easy thing, although g has some ways centrist lane kind of itself as to take this chill. Well when Bernie Sanders like officially announced and like, oh my God. Thank god. Somebody's coming from the far left. It's like I mean, who's gonna be like the next person's going to be like Medeiros cousins Bill Madero Hampshire Jesus. I mean, get a broad democratic field. And like, she's the first person I've seen this like, okay? That's one thing that I was looking at a recently. No right about this by the time. This thing comes out probably is I fall Bill weld who announced that he's going to run against Donald Trump at least from New Hampshire as a Republican as Republican. And so a lot of people are excited like oh my God. It's going to be the new gene McCarthy. Well crying into Hampshire. There's a decent chance of might be the next Pete mcclosky. And that's a name that doesn't ring as many doorbells. Not me. The name. It's an aim of of the guy who ran against Richard Nixon in nineteen seventy two in New Hampshire. He was a liberal Republican from California in this case. His big issue was being antiwar. And and he was a marine like he's serving. In Korea is impressive guy. Played baseball, obviously being in California. And and also had a rule of law kind of thing. Like Nixon's just obviously flouting executive power. And Watergate was start just kind of starting to take off here right before the election Seraing, take oath. But like there there was some there was some stink of it. That was already happening in his approach to stuff. And so he goes against Nixon in New Hampshire gets twenty percent, which is not nothing. But that was kind of nothing. There was another guy from Ohio was conservative, Jack Anderson tune that election to inject some other. And but he bounces out he becomes a bug on the windshield of Nixon. Yeah. And kind of the last voice that you hear of war on the right for really really long time. And then Nixon goes on to a forty nine state won't he three point romp laws Massachusetts, I began a super or perceived to be super liberal Democrat presidential candidate here. And there a lot of problems with the historical analogies. We don't have enough comps to elect actually sort through it all to look at it one being that Bill weld is from actually the northeast, and so he might have more purchasing the New Hampshire media market. But it's something worth pausing. If you are something that the. All of us. Here are not and a member of the Democratic Party. I'm presuming the closet members that kind of part of here or members of the Republican per exactly clear, and and you're fired up about I have been both things. I know he's fucking weird. I vote on both things and I've chain. Yeah. Also guilty. They never voted Republican person. Never broken voted, Ron Paul. So like for president. Yeah. In the primary men are you writing? No. He was on the ballot. I voted for George W Bush absentee ballot from California. Wow. The primary. Wow. You are a moral monster. I two thousand four was worse though for your. Anyways, it's impossible even for Bogue rights. Look it up kidding. It's brutal..

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