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This is WTO news. It's 1245, I'm rich hunter, thanks for being with us. The eagle population in Maryland has seen an unexpected spike in growth. The bald eagle population in the Chesapeake Bay has soared in recent decades, increasing from a low of 60 breeding pairs to over 3000. The population has just had an astounding recovery. Brian watts is the director of the center for conservation biology at Virginia's college of William and Mary. He says the growth has led to increased fighting less food and space. And so these birds began to fight for existing territory. But what isn't worried? He says it's a rare kind of recovery that nature will sort out. Not something that we have the opportunity to see very often. So it's been a thrill to see the recovery that we've had. Melissa, how will WTO news? Three people are hospitalized in serious condition after being electrocuted Friday at a house in Anna rumble county. Maryland state police say the three victims were shocked when a ladder came in contact with power lines at a private residence in the 6200 block of shadyside roads south of Annapolis. Happened around 5 30 Friday evening, the three are believed to be family members. They were taken by medevac helicopter to a hospital. Officials don't know what the family members were doing at the time of the accident. Law enforcement officials in Virginia will soon be required to tell school systems whenever a school employee is arrested and accused of certain crimes. It's part of a new measure signed into law by governor Glen yunkin. The new law requires Virginia law enforcement to tell school systems any time a school division employee is arrested for certain crimes, including a felony or class one misdemeanor. They'll have to tell schools no more than 48 hours after the arrest occurs and will communicate with the safety official designated by the superintendent. We really appreciate the support of our elected officials in Richmond in supporting the health and safety of our students and staff in schools. Fairfax county superintendent Michelle Reed is called for better communication after middle school guidance counselor remained working despite his arrest for soliciting prostitution of a minor. The county never learned of his arrest because police emails were sent to an incorrect email address, the law is scheduled to go into effect July 1st. Scott gelman of pedestrian was struck and killed in the district by a truck carrying a trash dumpster, D.C. plays police say it happened early Friday morning and an alley just off cue street southeast. The roll off dumb truck was dropping off one dumpster and picking up another when the truck backed up backed into a man who was lying in the alley. The victim was identified as 27 year old Joshua Richmond who didn't have a fixed address according to authorities. The incident remains under investigation

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