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I blew the dust off the manuscript said own. This will never do. There's so much more that needs added to this. Because i've learned so much more. If i actually waited to write the book until i knew enough to write the book it would never come out. It's always going to be incomplete. It's always gonna be insufficient but if you wait till it is. You'll never write a book so you gotta stop somewhere just enough. Yeah so i know as as you're describing there's always lots of things that don't make it into the book because either we don't know yet or because they're just not enough room for everything that we do know that we would like to include a dozen all fit. Is there anything that you would like to write about or to talk about but you haven't. You've been cautious because you were concerned about the reception. You were concerned that people were not ready to hear it yet. I have been somewhat reluctant to talk about climate change. You know it's very hot button politically. I can't claim to say i know. Climate change is occurring l. I can't claim to have proved that it is or that it is not climate. Change has always well of climate change has always occurred and is occurring. I think the bigger question is how fast is it occurring in humans. The cause of that. I think that's where the controversy lage we. We all know. The climate change because climate has always changed. Question is how fast. What direction are we heading and are we causing it in. I think finally. Can we stop it in an i. Guess another question is should we stop it. We should be able to think about her. Potential climate change objectively and scientifically. But and someone asked me said why farmers by farmers believe in climate change. Said you know. I think if you talked to him one on one pretty much all of them do believe in climate change..

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