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Digital radio and the images coming out of India still apocalyptic, really in terms off the cove. It effect this week stories this morning, suggesting that this may undermine the prime minister's position. But also how on earth could enough help he got in Try and sort out the situation. He absolutely growth will be under threat in India. But from this health crisis, there are huge political economic implications. We're going to bring you the latest from India Live with Blue Bay City and Garon's in just a moment. Also here in the U. K stark allegations about how much our prime minister wanted to avoid a lot down in the UK at the height of the health crisis here, Alligators were former advisor. Will they stick? I guess is the big question. Let's go to the markets there. Roger before we get onto those A big topics. The MSC I'il Country World Index actually are 2/10 of 1%. The embassy I Asia Pacific also gaining half of 1% or the declines for the Chinese markets. The Shanghai Calm down 6/10 of 1%. All of this. Really? As we start to get earnings reports really pilot in Europe and the US this we've got the mega cap stocks apple tester, alphabet, Microsoft or reporting, plus the oil majors lots really, to look out for copper jumping to the highest in a decade demand bets boosting the rally there. LME copper extending a rally. The dollar loses ground down 1/10 of 1% on in terms of the bond markets right now, U. S benchmark yields. Trading was about 575 set up by 1.5 basis points. Roger Writers get more on the markets by bringing in bloom. Both cross asset reported Eric Lam Erich Very Good morning, Tina Bitcoin hit a seven week low this morning, then shot high right now, 52,581 what's going on with it? Yes, another stretch of choppy volatility for Bitcoin. Basically, since the coin based debut, it's been kind of bouncing all over the place. It briefly get well below the $50,000 level. As you say. Now it's back up above 52,000. Just over 2500. It still seems like investors are kind of pushing and pulling between those who are kind of Bitcoin maximalist to still see unlimited upside in the space and or maybe buying on the dips here versus those other people that from the beginning of seeing this as a speculative bubble that was going to pop at some point, and one interesting point is that if you look back at that 2017 bubble, the peak of that 2017 rally also came just ahead of the debut at the time of Bitcoin future. Which is at the time again seen as yet another real sign post in the development of the industry. So there's some interesting parallels there not necessarily saying this is the peak now, but there's some interesting parallels. All right, Eric. Thanks very much for that. We'll see where it goes. Eric Lamb there for real time market commentary and analysis. Check out markets live ml ivy on your terminal right now. Let's so look away from the markets Go to India. The crisis there. For the latest.

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